Saturday, November 29, 2008

On The Mend

This was the first really good afternoon after the surgery...the morning stunk, but I am doing better. Cleaned some places around the house and my granddaughters and I did pumpkin pies since tomorrow will finally be our Thanksgiving.

I needed a snack this evening so I cut up and apple and warmed it in the microwave. Tomorrow will be busy, but I'm on the mend so that's okay.

Friday, November 28, 2008

A Season for Peace

Life after surgery for me is stiff, extremely stiff. I stayed in one position for over 48 hours before and after the event and my rib cage feels so out of practice for sitting.

I went shopping for groceries with my husband for bargains in these tough times can be fun. We mostly did the "big box" stores so I rode around in one of those carts with a basket. I must admit I was quite a hazard since they aren't always easy to control but I didn't run over anyone.

It was really good to get out of the house and see people, even if I didn't know them. I scooted around with my poor husband trailing behind me. I had asked him if he wanted to stay in the car, but he said he didn't wanted to so I just kept going and got all we needed in three stores for less than I thought I would.

I still have to get to the dog's market, but that's for a small item thank goodness.

Christmas as a season has begun. This is always my favorite time of year, and not because of presents! I love the cold, and early snowfall, Handel's Messiah, classical and early Christmas music and of course the way our church looks all decked out in evergreens.

This can be the beginnings for a season of peace. We all need that.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


This is a strange event for me...I spent three - no, four days in the hospital with my gallbladder. It's out now, but I'm totally out of it. Peace to everyone, and Happy Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Simple Quote

Life is not about convincing others to our way of thinking…instead life is about sharing who we are to better understand each other so we can grow to know the pain that others deal with and pray for their release, or that they can be given strength to deal with that pain.

In other words, life is sharing our love with others – no strings attached.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Birds of a Feather

Winter is here! Now, being a Michigan native I realize that we will probably lose the snow and go back to the varying browns of fall but the first real snow fall and freeze kills all the plants that were the symbol of what we all know as fall.

It's funny how many people see see the fall season as dull and colorless. On the other hand I see the various warm shades of browns and maroons tempered by what is left of the small batches of green that the grass seems to have most of the winter if we have any snow melting occurs.

What I enjoy the most about the fall is the abundance of birds that gather daily at my feeders. I'm a birder, but I don't have binoculars and I don't go traipsing all over looking for the unusual feathered friends. Instead I spend hours watching the feeders and trees where the birds hide or sit in my yard throughout the day. They are the real jewels that color the world after fall and before the snow covers everything.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Simple Query...

A new age has begun, and it's one that should have come a long time ago. People in Northern Europe have lived for years a simpler less "thing" cluttered life, we Americans on the other hand, have become obsessed with the acquisition of almost everything. The idea that people can become addicted to shopping has got to say something about our attitude toward the concept of buying simply for the fun of it.

I believe the Europeans have it right. Less can definitely be more in our daily lives. Having time to read, to talk or simply think without the interruptions that haunt us in our daily lives would really be a luxury.

How about instead of a happy life, simply a contentment with who we are in our every day lives. The economy is making us lose a lot - can it also help us gain even more?

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Who are We Really?

I am really praying for a quiet weekend, but I am pretty sure it will turn out to be more of the same that I've had this past few months - one of being scheduled to the hilt! I want two days to lay abed, to read and doze and maybe contemplate my navel!! We are way too busy and way too tired these days. I'm strugglin even to calm the days and weeks just a bit I unwind, so I'm taking the evenings (And even later sometimes.) by turning off the tube and reading or writing, or simply taking a little time in my comfy bed.

I think we as a nation are over tired, over stressed and empty in the contentment column. (Note that I did not say the happiness column - though it is used in the Declaration of Independence it isn't a reachable goal but I believe a calm, content life is something to strive for in this day of no money as we live with the reality of our economical constraints as well as the fears. It is not easy these days for those of us in the "average American" part of this country. Fulfillment must now come from something other than the gathering or acquisition of things.

Today mine comes from grandkids, and days spent in the company of those special little people; in the quiet of a very small, comfortable home that affords peaceful places to read, think and write; in the kitchen where I can mix, knead and bake bread to my heart's content; and finally in my garden where my creativity is tied up with the plants and flowers that grace that small diamond shaped piece of ground.

My personal peace is also found in the friendships that are not bound up in constant dinners out or parties, but rather in good conversations and even moments of silent companionship. We as a country really need to find our true selves outside of the jobs or the money, and find out who we are down deep inside, that way we can learn to rely on that honesty to set the tone for the rest of our years.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Long Wait

The quiet has descended and it is really good. There have been no more phone calls from the parties to get me out to vote, and for the first time in weeks the phone has been blessedly quiet. I always enjoy that lull after the presidential storm every four years. The only thing anyone is doing is either regrouping - or sleeping!

West Michigan is especially quiet and the news is mostly just rehashing the whole election day over and over again. I actually had a lovely day with my 3 year old grandson planting all kinds of tulip bulbs in pots and various spots around the yard. He calls the littlest tulip bulbs the "tiredest seeds!" By that he means that they sleep a very long time in God's earth before they flower. In some ways that frustrates him, but he sure enjoys pushing them down with his finger to plant those seeds!

And so the waiting begins for those first yellow blooms of the spring. It can sure make for a dream that will last the whole of a cold winter, that is for sure.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The End Of The Election Season

It's happened. History has occurred, and we have a new president. I'm personally glad it is over since there has been so nasty a campaign - and not from the candidates either. This was a contentious election and I hope we can come together to work on the many problems we as a nation face.

Am I excited that Mr. Obama won? Of course I am, but I balance that with a fear because of the deep divide that we have because of the past few years of national problems, and now with this economic mess we certainly have a lot to overcome. We need to succeed as a nation, together. John McCain's concession speech was one that attempted to move the country to an acceptance of the next four years so we can really work together. I hope that happens.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Time Will Tell

The election of the century is almost here. Tuesday will be probably be the biggest turn out for voting that our nation has had in many years if the early voting lines in some states is any example of what is to come Tuesday. The excitement for change, or stability is strong and the chance to actually vote is higher than it's been in so long!

I'm excited to be voting in an election that I see clear and very different choices something that hasn't been there in years. For those of us who are old enough to remember the 1964 presidential election we can remember the distinct lines between conservative Barry Goldwater, and the liberal Lyndon Johnson. Though I was not able to vote yet, that election fired up everyone where I went to school, and though it was rather lopsided the election made for interesting debates amongst many who saw the distinct differences.

Interest in the presidential race comes down to the issues and how important people feel they are to the country. We've had 8 difficult years and there is a taste for change in the country, but a change to what and whom? Whatever happens Tuesday and even on into early Wednesday will be a change. I'm ready to vote today! But I have a little over 36 hour to that voting hour for me. I'm a bit antsy and anticipating an all night vigil.

I wonder where will we be heading, and what will the theme be for the next four years? We will have to wait a few days. Only the next few days will really tell.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Great Fall Days in November

This was a quiet Saturday. Cool weather and blue skies was the rule of the day and I began the morning in a lovely cool crispness at the farmer's market. There weren't many veggies today, but I did get some awesome broccoli, Brussel sprouts and red potatoes. I will be blanching tomorrow which will mean more veggies for the winter.

Then it was off to one of my favorite! When you're trying to save a buck, it really means walking the large box stores till you drop. Last night I did some shopping, I mean walking. 3 hours of hiking all over Meijers and Walmart. Today meant the smaller stores and the meat store (i.e. butcher shop). I ended up doing okay.

Monday is bill day along with having 2 of my grandkids and getting this computer into the repair shop for a cleaning. It is running way too slow and grinding like something else in running too.

So have a great Sunday and enjoy the last of the warm weather, I'm going to do just that tomorrow.