Thursday, September 27, 2012

My New Title

I've had many lives in my work-a-day world.  I traveled from the world of babysitting, to cleaning specialist, to teacher, and writer and today I am returning to where I began.  I am what I now call a "Child Care Specialist." Jobs are slim these days in my neck of the woods and this new job at a local fitness center includes some cleaning and doing laundry too!  But the fun of it lies especially with those I work with and that makes this change a good move for me.

Though I have resumes out there, as well as a few proposals for radio shows at various radio stations around here, the one that came through was a position I did not expect to come through.  It takes me back to simpler times and I am enjoying it right now while trying to make further connections on my proposals.  Who knows, maybe the next time I write I may be a producer as well as a radio personality as well!!