Thursday, September 29, 2011

Words, Words, Words...

Not many of us write them anymore, even in school.  
But I have to say we have no short amount of them to share in person, of through the short hand version used today called texting.  But I think somehow many of us have lost the history of our lives without letters to distant family that includes the daily grind, and beauty, or hand writing a journal, diary, or a simple thought journal.  
Much of our young country’s history has come from journals and those everyday writings of important and normal people, and some has even come from those old ledgers that told the story of businesses or difficult times in family lives.  
That really makes me wonder where will we find those pieces that historically paint who we are for coming generations.  
I think part of the answer may come from the blogs that pepper the internet today, especially those that tell of life and all it’s everyday craziness of our 21st century!
Are there other ways that may bring our daily history to future generations? Probably.  After all, we’re constantly recreating ourselves and our lives, so why not!!

(P.S.  One of my favorite blogs is real, sometimes gritty, but always so well written!  Here it is, I hope you can check it out!  Expat From Hell // BlogCatalog )

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Music to Calm The Savage Beast...I Think

I'm sitting  here, banging away at the computer after a very long hard day.  I have on the classical music on my iPod Touch and am working at mellowing my rough edges mood right now.  It's funny, I really love jigs and reels and the wildness that often is connected with all music Celtic but after tough, or miserable day it is more than soothing to get lost in Bach, Rodrigo, or maybe even a touch of Strauss. 

I've asked many people what music drives them when they need to escape a intense day, and it really varies with different people.  But I tend to agree with a friend, you can really tell a person by the music they're drawn to...I wonder if that were always true?

So if you want to comment - what music calms you or even what music drives your everyday life?