Sunday, July 14, 2013

Class Reunions - Love Them, or Hate Them

Well, I have been out of high school since 1968 and after avoiding the reunions for years I am getting brave and will be attending mine this summer.  It's funny because I haven't been afraid to see some people, or upset because some that I would love to see won't come, or are gone.  So why has it taken so long to even want to go again?  For me it is a lot about who I am now and a great deal about who I was then.  I was always trying to fit in, and though I may have seemed unafraid to many I knew - I wasn't.  In fact it has taken me many years to gain that confidence I pretended to have back then.  (I mean I did so much - drama, talent show, and just put myself out there!)

Confidence comes from a secure knowledge that you are loved and cared for, and I know I'm not alone when I say I know I wasn't.  But life has changed and I have grown stronger and in many ways more curious about what those around me during those hard times in high school were really like.  I am going to the reunion this year.  Not because I am unafraid, but more because I want to know some of those people now.  (I already know one and want to know her better!!  :-)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Back...Kind Of!

After weeks of trying to get back so I can visit and comment on friends blogs I am hopefully back to blogger.  Four weeks ago it froze me out and and I have changed passwords and SO MUCH more I hope I am back to visit the blogs I follow and enjoy writings too.  I didn't disappear - but I sure felt like I did!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

We have a new Bishop in West Michigan

As of Saturday, we have a new elected Bishop here for the Episcopal Diocese of Western Michigan.  We've been going through the process for quite a while.  The numbers were down to three - and then the Canon for the Ordinary here decided to throw his hat in the ring too so we were up to four.The votes unfolded Saturday afternoon and as we saw it unfold it was down to two.  (Our priest, and the Rev. Whayne M Hougland, Jr. from St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Salisbury, North Carolina.)

If all the  Bishops agree to our choice of Rev. Whayne M Hougland, Jr. we will consecrate him on the 28th of September.  Most of us had those last two as choices and are thankful that the process is finally over.  Thanks be to God!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

I'm in An Irish State of Mind

It's past St. Paddy's Day, but with to coming spring and a lack of green but lots of sunshine I have been craving almost anything green!  And honestly, as many places I've seen decked out in Spring green none does it as wonderfully as Ireland.  The main reason is the multitude of greens that come with the climate that is spring in the land of St. Patrick and shamrocks.

Ireland has been known for it's love of people, its history, and of course it's music but it is also know for the intense greens that permeates any scene or picture you see of this lovely country. But it not simply the green of that makes the Irish special but the MANY shades that we think of if Ireland comes to mind, but the multitudes of the color that comes to mind when envisioning this fabulous nation!  After all Ireland is truly known for its forty shades of green because of the song by Johnny Cash, but long before the song the land of almost constant misty rain was know as the Emerald Isle.  Personally I feel there are at many thousands of shades rather than a mere forty shades of the fabulous color green there and the Irish are certainly known for the wearing of the national color in celebration of the good saint in the month of March.  But for me the landscape is an important part symbol of this fabulous land.

So when you contemplate the land of greens, remember that the colors and many shades that inhabit the heart and soul of the country stand for more than spring as it does also here in our home.

It stands for hope in all its shades as well.

And whether it is be a wet spring green,
or a vibrant emerald green that reminds
you of the Isle of Green, it is fabulous to
see and feel it where ever you are in the spring time.

 Have a grand spring!!!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

December Moon

The moon is veiled tonight and it seems to have a lace mantilla over its glowing face that simply adds to the beauty of the night. Tonight is is filled with a puffy light snow that glitters in that same moon glow and looks quite like a painting filled with mystical light.  

I am away from home again spending time with my grandpup, McCarty and am enjoying the quiet and peace with a large mug of hot chocolate.  These nights around the Christmas Holiday always seem magical when it snows so lightly that the moon can peek through and gaze down on our world. 

Winter is a problem for many who must get out and battle the roads to get to work, and though I am one of them too somehow it does more to fill me with a real sense of wonder that slows my usually harried daily life and seems to bring winter’s gentle breath, and my own to a much slower pace.  

We’ve not had much snow thus far this winter so tonight is a gift for one who relishes the time to curl up in a chair and knit, or read a good book.   My projects for Christmas are done and though the craft projects for spring birthdays have just been begun I haven’t a lap full of things to finish knitting or bookmarks to cross stitch that must have an “i” to dot or a “t” to cross.  It’s not quite a lazy time, but a more tranquil one where I can contemplate the snowfall, the quiet, and a hazy moon that begs to be gazed on longingly.  

Oh, that the New Year might bring the same peaceful times to cover my cares with such a blanket of a white and to find a solitude and stillness under during the busy times of daily living.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Yes, I Am a Pirate

I have been changing my tune lately.  Though the Celtic vibes still roll through this old brain, I have gone back to those favorite days of my youth where music was pop, and early rock and roll.  Though the artist I've been playing really doesn't fit in either of those categories, he has created a little niche for himself that seems to keep growing into newer and younger generations.  The first song he sang of course is one probably everyone knows.  Here's a bit of a hint - he considers himself a "gulf and Western," singer.

Can't guess who he is?  Here's another little hint....well, actually a BIG hint!  His first song was in 1977 and it's definitely his signature piece - Margaritaville!  Yes, it's that smiling master of fun, Jimmy Buffett.  I do have CDs by him and have been finding myself humming his tunes a lot lately.  He's really something because with his taste for the Caribbean sound no one thought he would be so big for so long.  I really believe his longevity is directly responsible to the songs, and the way his concerts always seem to take you away from life and give that sense of a mini-vacation with each song he sings.

One of my favorite songs at the moment happens to be a little diddy that takes in the realm of the shark - those on the land, that is!  His song Fins is silly but it really has quite a catchy tune.  If you haven't seen any of the videos of the song online go check them out.

During these fall days a bit of Jimmy and his Caribbean reality is a true gift on a cold rainy fall day.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

My New Title

I've had many lives in my work-a-day world.  I traveled from the world of babysitting, to cleaning specialist, to teacher, and writer and today I am returning to where I began.  I am what I now call a "Child Care Specialist." Jobs are slim these days in my neck of the woods and this new job at a local fitness center includes some cleaning and doing laundry too!  But the fun of it lies especially with those I work with and that makes this change a good move for me.

Though I have resumes out there, as well as a few proposals for radio shows at various radio stations around here, the one that came through was a position I did not expect to come through.  It takes me back to simpler times and I am enjoying it right now while trying to make further connections on my proposals.  Who knows, maybe the next time I write I may be a producer as well as a radio personality as well!!