Monday, June 30, 2008

The Personal Retreat

Monday is slowing dripping away like a melting Popsicle. It was warm, but thankfully not very hot and a great time to escape to a wonderful little spot in our back yard for coffee this morning and again this afternoon. As a sat, cup in hand I watched the many birds that whisk through our yard and especially enjoy the goldfinches as they wove in and out of that beautiful spot. It really is special to watch them land on the tall willowy stems of the coreopsis that lean back and forth in the wind.

This spot on any given day is a place for dreams, hopes, and wonderful conversations too. I love it because it's a very relaxing place as well as a special retreat for my husband and I at any time. For me, this is very good.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Words that Walk Around the House

Sunday nights are usually a quiet preamble for every new work week. It is the end of the day this Sunday, one hour left to be exact, and being a night owl this is a time of news prgrams, thoughts and music for me just prior to a night of writing, rewriting and finalizing my weekly column. It's a small endeavor, but I find it a wonderful way to be creative every single week which is almost a necessity for me even if I don't sell my word inkings.

Words are my way of studying the world you see and have also often found their way into one of my many journals around the house. From there just sometimes they find a way to come alive in one of my columns (You know, one of those phrases that turns just right and has a really good sound to it.). My only wish is that somewhere, sometime one of these thoughts and words might find a home. Maybe someday....

Saturday, June 28, 2008

On the Road Again...

Today I was caught in a car with four other people on a 45 minute ride to a neighboring a car that was first cold to make us comfortable, and then hot to clear the windshield. Oh, and did I add that it was pouring too and we got pretty wet getting from the car to the party? Needless to say the beginnings of my day were interesting.

But once we got to our destination it cleared, and we found a lovely garden where we mingled with others to rather beautiful chamber music in a lovely little park.

Funny how two such different experiences could exist in the same day, but they did and it happens every day in many of our lives. I prefer to think these little messes happen so we can really appreciate the beautiful!!! Hope your day was as great as mine! :-)

Friday, June 27, 2008

Summer Showers

My granddaughter and I were wandering around downtown window shopping and meandering in and out of stores. It has been cloudy day, but nothing really threatening weather wise. We decided to stop in for cold drinks at our favorite coffee shop and as we were heading out drinks in hand the skies let loose with a soaking, torrential rain that continued on for over 10 minutes - it seemed to go on forever!

Beck and I stood under the overhang of the coffee shop first getting dripped and then finally getting blasted a bit as the winds began whipping into a frenzy as the storm began to build. We kept getting wetter so we decided to make a run for it - which of course occurred as the rain became even more intense!

By the time we got to the car we were both soaked through and laughing..."it often literally never rains, but it pours here." I thought to myself. Summer rains are warm and running in them always reminds me of when I was younger. That feel of warm water on my face usually brings back really special memories.

I like the warm water on my face and lashes. That personal shower by Mother Nature has often given such a peaceful sense right down to my core. When the winter winds blow cold, the memories of those warm watery caresses often sustain me through even the toughest winters.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Day of Meetings...

Today was a day of meetings at church - it's part of the responsibilities that goes with being a part of our church's governing body. I like the work, and the people, but it can really be draining.

I came home to a six year old granddaughter who was here with grandpa while her Dad did some repairs on some of his vending machines around town. To many this may seem like too much after a long day, but after a busy day with adults taking time and sharing moments with my grandkids is almost like being a kid again. I don't spend the time entertaining them often, instead I invest my time in looking at what interests them, exploring, and sharing my love of gardens and books with all four of them.

My garden has a section for each of them and they get pictures taken by their new plantings each spring - that makes for lots of pictures after 8 years! My oldest granddaughter and I love to explore used books stores, and at 13 she and I spend lots of time at least twice a month enjoying perusing books and sharing our discoveries. It's interesting how what we both read has changed and grown over these years of sharing.

I spend time with the three who are under six by reading to them, having them read to me and of course coloring. I've gotten pretty good at coloring in the lines too! It's interesting how they critique my art work, and how quickly the many blank places around my house fills up with their colorful pages. My back door's window is usually filled with their colorful images that greet our various visitors and are great conversation pieces with the various delivery people who conveys all the packages that end up on our back porch.

I'm off to lay my head on that soft pillow of mine if for only a moment. I tend to drift off quickly and find my way to my own personal Neverland to chase those grandkids of mine through Pan's expansive world. Good night.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


How can a, "zen" moment even fit into the noisy every demanding world today? Some of us really wish for those thoughtful and enlightening moments to make the right decisions, have wisdom, or simply to turn off the world and relax into the quiet of a few moments to meditate on the happenings that make up our days.

For those of us who need to find those quiet centers to be able to go on into the next the modern cell phone riddled world can be a real challenge. My time to unwind and relish the quiet is often after the rest of the world has gone to bed. I read until the hour of midnight or one and then the road near our home becomes a bit less the road well traveled.

Then out of that deep semi-darkness (Who has total darkness around all our cities these days!) and calm (well, as quiet as it can be!) I can begin to work through the day's problems and difficulties and begin to relax and let go.

Of course that makes for a really exhausting first few hours of that next morning, but hey - I'm taking time for myself and relaxing at least....right?

Monday, June 23, 2008

Life, Next to the Fast Lane

I live on five lanes of fast. As I sit here and listen to my peaceful classical music the constant "ZOOM!" of passing cars continually reminds me that I am in the modern world. I don't use a feather pen - I use a keyboard that has over half the letters rubbed clean by constant work creating writings and putting thoughts to paper.

Some people ask me how I stand the noise, but it really has become simply the background of my life. Don't get me wrong, I relish complete quiet when I can get it - you know, that time that is devoid of all mechanical and technological sounds. But I have to admit like many in this day and age, I have relegated those sounds to the furthest point back in my everyday existence.

I do miss the quiet though. Every so often I head to a cabin up in the North woods along a river and sit and enjoy the sounds of nature. Funny, but when I head that direction, my husband has all these plans for day trips because he has a terrible time simply sitting and soaking up the quiet.

I'm going to have to work on that problem.