Tuesday, February 24, 2009

a Taste of Spring

The sun was a constant visitor today, and though it was really bright on the snow, it was a great sight after months of clouds and snow. The snow melted a bit too which has been a lovely sight to see. I walked the yard and enjoyed seeing the tips of daffodils, crocuses and even a few of my garlic plants poking their green heads through the leftover snows of winter.

I don't ever remember being this anxious for the warmer weather. And though I know it is too early too long for the greens of spring I keep hoping to be surprised by a crocus, the greens that early grass, or even just the smallest of tulips.

I've taken to wandering around downtown lately and the flowers, whether real or silk in the window displays, are blossoming slowing down the street and are drawing crowds - and I love it!

I think those of us up North here are really beginning to hanker for even the smallest morsels of the season and those windows downtown are a wonderful nibble of the pastels that make up that really longed for season.

Monday, February 23, 2009

My Passion That Drives the Words

Laundry time can be a thoughtful time - at least it is for me. As the clothes go into the washer and that sloshing and tumbling begins, I can walk on my treadmill, sit and read, or iron, which for me is a really peaceful time. I don't like to vacuum, and doing the dishes holds a dread for me like you would not believe, but when it comes to laundry I can actually relish each of the steps in the process on wash day.

So as the laundry progresses from one step to the next I can find time for creative thought and sometimes even getting those ideas down on paper. Today I saw the snow through the basement window, and the sunshine as well. Hunched over the ironing board as I watch those ideas rise like the steam from my iron. Ideas and word shapes begin to form and often become stories or articles later in the day on my computer. But now these flitting dots of word light were sparks darting about like fireworks inside my brain.

From ironing, to hanging the clothes and then on to the finale of heading upstairs to find closet and drawer space for all those pieces of clothing that often represent what begins as simple ideas and dreams that grow into words that drive who I am these past few years...a writer.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Spring - I Want It!

I'm dreaming of the spring air that excites simply by wafting that incredible smell of the earth under your nose by the breezes of some considerate seasonal zephyrs. Isn't it funny how that simple yearning for spring can almost give you that smell that really excites you?

I can imagine everyone on Monday morning bundled up because of the weather but walking in that cold late winter air with noses in the air smelling the tendrils of the coming season.

Maybe if we all do it we might entice spring to make an early entrance! Oh, yea!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

K-9...All Over The House!

I have three dogs living in my home right now. Two of those canines are mine and the third is my son's little beagle. He moved home with his dog after a job loss and we're really lucky since they all get along and run through the house playing or bothering me for love, to go out, or for that constant need - food.

I think I could have many more dogs since I love them on my lap while I'm writing and just about anywhere. The only problem with having lots of dogs here is the smallness of our home. When you're trying to walk around you're often mugged by dogs at play or run over by the K-27 racing team!

Right now my son's little beagle, Atari is warming my lap and with the weather we have at the moment the warmth is welcome! But the hard part of having more than two dogs is that I only have two hands to pet with so it's a constant competition for affection...getting one pup alone is often a problem these days, but thank goodness there isn't any difficulties there since all three of our K-27 pack loves each other as well so there just aren't any disagreements and that my friend is a blessing!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Oh, For The Want of One Idea!

Simply a germ of an idea. That is sometimes all there is to begin writing on any given day. Today the thoughts that crowd my mind seem to overwhelm it...you know, like the did I get all the information down for the notes for this meeting; for gosh sakes who do I need to send the notes too!; did I get that sweater washed; or even the simple what do I make for dinner tonight??

Sometimes these questions come individually and can be simply dealt with, or many times they just seem to gang up on the day and make everything a bit too much. On those days the chance of a small idea to write about can be a daunting task rather than a simple idea that almost creates itself in the words of an essay or article.

Tonight, has been filled with church meetings and has been preceded by an excruciatingly busy week and ideas are hard to come by. So what do I write about? The craving that I have for just a simple idea!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Oh, For Those Moments of Peace!

It's a quiet night after a very busy day. The day was packed with friends, a sick grandson who wanted to snuggle, and quite a bit more. To say that I'm exhausted and ready for bed is an understatement but my mind is racing toward what needs to be done yet tonight, and what must be started or finished tomorrow.

I am hoping for a mind quiet weekend but with a Deanery meeting and grandchildren visiting I think I will be lucky for a few quiet moments to just touch a bit of peace.

Ah, well - we can't always get what we want!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Change Is Here To Stay

This day is quickly fading into the next as midnight eases its way across the dark of evening. I've made some major decisions for our home and cut some costs today. The changes will take us from the antenna age into the fiber optic one for our television as well as upgrade our infamous dial-up connection as well. We'll also be going from a huge phone company to that very same fiber optic company - a package and one bill instead of two different companies and two bills.

This is a new era and the idea of fiber optic connections are exciting ones for me. This world is now a view that broadens as I grow older into a new time. When I began high school there were electric typewriters and the computers were huge monolithic things that filled rooms. Today I sit at one that is truly a personal computer because I write, journal and create diaries of who I am and what I believe in on this rather silent keyboard.

I remember my grandmother saying that the idea of a calculator that could do the math problems of an adding machine and could be held in the hands was a wonder. She could remember the first Fords and even the horse and buggy as the only modes of transportation. So from her time to mine there have been huge strides where technology has now begun to walk lock step with our fast moving times. This is a really interesting time to be alive!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Lover of Words

Do you like poetry??? I'm one who loves the way a poem of any kind feels in my mind. I love actually saying it out loud! There is actually this feeling in my mouth and mind! Yup, I can actually taste poems and that sends ideas and feelings all over! A great example is Galway Kinnell's Blackberry Eating, but to taste a poem is not necessarily tasting a poem simply about food. Sometimes to eat a good poem is to devour its ideas and meaning.

The English teacher in me tingles when I hear or enjoy personal poetry. Like a mountain that pierces the clouds to taste the rains, I push and prod the words to feel that meaning rain down the flavors that end up rolling around in my mind and mouth.

I began my love when I was little with simple and wonderfully done poems and graduated to my first favorite poet, Emily Dickinson. I went on to many more, and then when my kids began in elementary school to explore poems and poets I discovered Shel Silverstein a totally crazy and wild poet who has excited kids and adults alike for years. I have to say that there probably isn't a poet or poem I don't enjoy!

For me the idea of simple words excites and makes me thoughtful. I think I'll go taste some right now!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Lonely and Sometimes Frustrating Life of a Writer

Today was simply a grouchy day for me. No excuses, and no explanations could excuse the way I acted and it certainly didn't help in getting to the root of why I have been so Oscary today. It's funny, because I can laugh at the funny character on my kids favorite PBS show, but when I get those kind of days it can be no laughing matter for me or those that who have to deal with my anger and frustration.

I hate these Oscary days since I really feel I have no control over how I react to anything. Part of it comes from when I feel I've created a great poem or piece of prose and get absolutely no response. It can be frustrating as a writer to struggle through a piece of writing and find that no one will give it a second look, and sometime not even a first look.

So I'm going to let the whole writing thing go for a few days. I need a days rest and my fingers sure need the time off too!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Spring - I Mean Summer!

It's still cold, but the warmer weather is on its way! They are talking temps in the mid-30s and 40s for the wee ahead. Will we stay here? Who knows, but it sure sounds like a heat wave to me and I'm so ready for a weather change!

Discussing weather has brought my friends and I to an understanding - we all love spring and the wonderful 70 to 75 degree weather. With the spring green coming alive all around us it is hard not to like those days of spring time! But as the weather gets hotter it becomes more miserable for many of us. Now, granted there are those who like the oppressive heat and humidity but many of us do not find it to be a fun time of year.

So I'm longing for those spring days and hoping that they last more than a a few minutes, I mean weeks this year!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The DTV Mess!

I hate digital TV.

I know we're not really there yet, but with that magic box to make it happen for those of us with antennas I have lost one, no actually two LOCAL stations. One of the Stations was a station that I never had any problems getting since we moved here over 30 years ago! Even after we got the box the summer reception was great, but now and since the winter began I've had no station 85% of the time. (Or simply little boxes all over the screen when I get the station!) CBS is something I use to enjoy - but I haven't seen it for a very long time.

What makes digital better??!!! It has cost me a big part of what I use to enjoy on television! Why did we have to do this thing???