Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Yes, I Am a Pirate

I have been changing my tune lately.  Though the Celtic vibes still roll through this old brain, I have gone back to those favorite days of my youth where music was pop, and early rock and roll.  Though the artist I've been playing really doesn't fit in either of those categories, he has created a little niche for himself that seems to keep growing into newer and younger generations.  The first song he sang of course is one probably everyone knows.  Here's a bit of a hint - he considers himself a "gulf and Western," singer.

Can't guess who he is?  Here's another little hint....well, actually a BIG hint!  His first song was in 1977 and it's definitely his signature piece - Margaritaville!  Yes, it's that smiling master of fun, Jimmy Buffett.  I do have CDs by him and have been finding myself humming his tunes a lot lately.  He's really something because with his taste for the Caribbean sound no one thought he would be so big for so long.  I really believe his longevity is directly responsible to the songs, and the way his concerts always seem to take you away from life and give that sense of a mini-vacation with each song he sings.

One of my favorite songs at the moment happens to be a little diddy that takes in the realm of the shark - those on the land, that is!  His song Fins is silly but it really has quite a catchy tune.  If you haven't seen any of the videos of the song online go check them out.

During these fall days a bit of Jimmy and his Caribbean reality is a true gift on a cold rainy fall day.