Monday, July 28, 2008

Books Piled High

"Long ago, and far away..." I really am not into Gothic novels, but lately some great mysteries I have been reading have given a feel for that genre. I read as much as I can since it is it is a great way to look at the works of some of good old and modern writers.

I do love getting into the head of characters! I re-read some books over and over. But I don't stop at fiction, some of my favorites are non-fiction and biographies. And I always want to find out what my friends are reading so I am often asking, "what is your favorite author?" - at the moment of course!

The Monday Rut....NOT!

It's Monday, again. A little warmer with just a bit more humidity. Today, in my opinion, is a perfect day - not too hot or humid but totally beautiful as the flowers dance with the help of my neighborhood goldfinches.

The Asiatic lilies are huge this year and have given my garden such a wonderful fragrance. The best time of the day to wander through my floral array is at dusk. The smells are wonderful! My summer evenings are dreams for future dreams in the cooler days of fall and winter. I love these kind of Mondays!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Time...How Does It Affect You?

Life goes around for all of us. Circles for me are all that I have been experiencing lately. I've been taking changes, making changes in my life...I take two steps forward, and end up back where I began. Typical, I know. But I sure wish it would have happened years ago when I was young enough to not let it get to me.

You see, I've just begun to blossom - in my fifth decade. How do people deal with the pain as kids let alone when you're an adult and have been for years set comfortably, or rather uncomfortably in a life that hadn't changed until I couldn't let someone walk all over another person. I've been that walked all over person for what was forever. Now I'm different in so many ways, but the kid in me doesn't know that.

Ah, well I guess I will just have to live with it! Ancora Iparo!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


What seems up
Is not as it

The World
Is Upside down
And when we try to
Right it,
We lose our way
And fall.

On the Edge of My Seat...Sort of!!!

Life as an Episcopalian during Lambeth can be nerve wracking! The Archbishop of Canterbury hints that Gene Robinson might not be legally a bishop...The British Clergy are up in the air concerning women becoming bishops. Check the news at Episcopal sites and there is talk of the Bible studies and discussions, but no hint as to what was discussed. I sure hope they will do more than give us broad strokes when this thing is over! I've simply stopped listening to the news on the conference right now.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Best of Summer

The humidity has melted into the evening, and I have the windows open again. This is the weather I really love! Warm during the day, cool evenings and all the smells of the summer permeating the bedroom at night. That kind of weather always makes for wonderful sleep and truly special dreams.

This kind of weather can also create some of the best summer memories because everyone wants to be outside and doing something. I have plans to be out on my bike tomorrow, and walking my dogs too. These are the times that make for great winter memories when that cold permeates the soul and to ward it off I can close my eyes and imagine a ride, or a walk that holds all the warmth of summer. Yes...these are those special days.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

It's Really Not Important

Ah...the hum of the fans and the window air conditioner has set the tone for the summer, finally. It almost eliminates the sound of the road out front and the noise of the kids shooting off fireworks two doors down, but it also makes it almost impossible to hold a conversation of any kind.

"Huh? What did you say?"

My husband has the hardest time hearing and we often end up getting frustrated simply trying to decipher what we are saying to each other. It's really tough sometimes.


Nothing, dear. It's really not important...really (*&#+!).

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


It is finally summer, i.e. hot and humid! We've had a nice cool June and I really have no reason to complain but am no fan of this kind of weather. The humidity and heat generally drives me in-doors for the duration of this kind of weather.

Today I was in GR and since it is inland the heat was radiating up from the pavement and the sun was beating down on my back as I walked out the door and to my car. I was really glad to get in and start the air that' s for sure!

I know, it's summer and I should expect this, but oh I really dislike this weather!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Eat 'Em Up

House cleaning. Though it is probably cathartic to some it is a real pain to my way of thinking, but with two dogs who shed tons I have no choice, I have to vacuum and that's just the beginning. I have to admit there are some jobs that I almost enjoy doing and though it won't ever be anything I would do for a living, laundry and ironing can be a place where my creative juices can really come alive. That's why I have a journal on that room in my house so I can capture those thoughts that come unbidden. In fact, if I'm honest I have just a few of those notebooks in other parts of my home where whatever I'm doing those ideas might take a few moments to congeal with pen and ink.

In the kitchen the notebook is doused in wonderful smells from whatever I'm cooking when I write. Often I'll open the book to the smells of garlic thyme, basil and tomatoes, or wonderfully cooked chicken. I have to say I think that's my favorite book because it has the smells that help me almost taste words. Alright, I know I'm a bit crazy, but try thinking of a word or words that are almost as fun to say as they are to think of...for me that might me apple strudel, or lasagna! Okay, I have to admit that lasagna is more fun if I mispronounce it like a kid might. LA SAG NA. Now put an Italian sounding twist to it. I love to close my eyes and imagine the smell too, and voilĂ - the smell and the sound becomes tasty! You know, that's why I love words.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Garden Life

Today was a lovely one - warm but not hot with little humidity which made for an almost perfect day. I walked around the garden and enjoyed something that was a pale imitation to my last year's flower plot. Very little rain last summer caused the flowers to rely only on my pump and that did not give enough apparently since there were few blooms and only pale yellow-green foliage throughout my triangle of soil.

This year I'm reaping the benefits of plenty of rain and perfect weather with lovely flowers and picture perfect blooms. Sitting in the garden is a wonder that I will continue to enjoy throughout this season and on into the winter in my memories. That's just one reason to be truly thankful.

Friday, July 4, 2008

A Feeling for Leaves

I am a really texture person. If you see any of my up close pictures you see many of these feel pieces that express a texture and this is one I took this week that feels prickly in the picture but is the softest feel in early spring. The greens in the garden hold a depth of colors that sometimes the flowers often don't capture. I enjoy fingering the leaves and delicacy of the blooms in the garden, and sometimes just looking too.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Garden Gifts

Thursday July 3rd. It's the beginning of a cool July here and we have all the windows closed. It was 65 degrees today and is a cool 55 tonight. Life has been nice this summer for those of us who like cooler weather.

The garden is simply beautiful this year too. I have a multitude of colors there that bloom again and again. I don't follow any plan so it's more a cottage garden and from our patio it's a wonderful picture, and a really grand view.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Scary Storms

Sheets and sheets of rain and 1/4 inch hail; winds up to 64 MPH (Up to 90 MPH just 20 miles North of us!); the inability to see anything but the tree just outside of my kitchen window - this was the way my Wednesday unfolded. It was really a bit frightening to feel the house shiver from the winds and not know what, if any, damage was being done.

After almost two hours of wave upon wave of huge storms we are settling down to simply a soft, quiet rain. We got well over 2 inches in a really short length of time and I know our basement will have wet floors tomorrow so I've turned the dehumidifier on high and will leave the rest of the mess until morning - I simply will not worry about that until tomorrow.

Bad weather has become a huge part of our area of late, but it's really all part of living in this mitten called Michigan. I am thankful for the quiet gentle rain now, and will rest better knowing the storms of today are over.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Itch Vs. The Smiles

I hate mosquitoes and this summer there is a bumper crop just outside my door. I react to the little buggers and am constantly itching and have raised red bumps all over because the bugs really like me! Isn't it funny how some people are tastier than others to these buzzing insects? Tonight I'm sitting at my keyboard typing a bit, and scratching a lot!

Besides those nasty attackers and the itching I've had a pretty nice day. I walked with two of my grandkids today and got to play with the other two as well. That kind of a day was a good day for me. Yea!