Sunday, June 7, 2009


This afternoon my husband and I took our folding, soft chairs and headed to a spot that sits alongside the small lake that that is often the center of our community during the summer months. We found a spot in the sandy grass and in the midst of the maples and oaks near the water's edge and sat in those breezes of spring and listened to the birds that dipped and dove around the water's edge. There were red-wing black birds, swallows, gulls and way too many others singing and flying wonders.

We watched the boats, jet skis, and other small boats run up and down the lake too. Even the occasional sheriff's boat chasing those ner'er-do-wells down this our waterway. The smells of fires from the nearby campground, and those wisps of clouds streaking across the sky made our temporary front porch seem like heaven.

Our few hours there were filled with so much more than I can describe, but as we folded up our chairs I knew that with the crowds of summer the many weeks to come there would be no quiet evenings like this again until the fall.

I'm glad we had today.

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