Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Simple Cup of Tea

I'm still out of it with my dread disease (see last entry), and with the sun shining in I needed a pick me up since I now also have a very sick husband.

While he is resting I got out a very special tea pot, cup and saucer and made a two-cup pot of Earl Grey tea. I sat at my table and the sun is painting the surface with streaks of white this November Sunday morning, and as it changes to the afternoon I'm adding some quiet time alone with my dogs around me.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better, but right now I'm enjoying the quiet that comes from a nothing to do Sunday and remembering how I use to crave this kind of day when the kids were small and underfoot. There is no further complaining from this tea drinking Irish lass (Ha ha!). Instead, I am enjoying the rays, my cup of tea and the company of a quiet, peaceful morn.

Slan agus benannact

(In Irish, "God bless you till we write again!")


  1. We love tea here as well we drink a lot of coffee in the morning (gets me going) however evening's are for the medicinal and unusual teas... wishing you the best with your asthma and pneumonia.

    Blessings Dorothy from grammology

  2. The small joys in life are the greatest joys, a ray of sunshine, a cup of tea.

  3. I am a tea lover as well. My favorite tea is the Earl Grey variety. In fact I was thinking of making myself a cup of tea before I opened your blog post.

    I hope both you and your husband feel well soon.

  4. I'm feeling better, still having some difficulties but I am sure that tomorrow will be better! Thanks for all the good wishes!

    I'm just bored silly and need to try to get out if only for a bit tomorrow!! :-)

  5. Linda,
    Earl Grey is my favorite too! I drink others, but when I'm wanting something special it is an EG I brew up.

  6. Tea is good ... just not too much caffeine!

  7. Robert,
    For me in the evening it is all herbal teas! Though I have to admit caffeine doesn't keep me awake, I am so ADD that the caffeine works the opposite on me! :-)

  8. Gourmet coffee in the mroning and good green tee in the afternoon. Two best friends of any writer.

    Stephen Tremp

  9. Stephen,
    I so agree! Especially for those of us who hoot a bit too!!