Thursday, December 3, 2009

Snow, Beautiful!

The first snowfall of the season hit West Michigan this third day of December and though it may not seem like much I have to remember that just days ago we were in the 50s.

From the yucca above, and our apple tree everything was covered from this icy embrace from winter. I love the trees when they look so beautiful!

My empty chair and the table coated like a cake in the frosting of our first snow - beautiful.

Snow covers everything in a beauty that's totally different from the every day.


  1. Remember the snow that we were supposed to get overnight? It didn't come. I like seeing ice-covered trees too. When snow first falls, before the plows come through, is the prettiest sight.

  2. Though ice covered trees are lovely, I especially like those first wet snow days where the trees actually are all white with a slight covering of snow. You are so right about just when it first snows when the world looks like a picture - before the plows come and take us back to the brown that is! :-)

  3. We were suppose to get a Lake affect I live near Niagara Falls NY and it passed and left what you showed gratefully we dodged the bullet..this time.

    Dorothy from grammology

  4. We had our first snowfall last Friday the 4th. Just a light dusting. Nothing stuck to the ground but the bushes and tree boughs were all white. Here in New York the last few winters have been exceptionally mild and snowfree. I'm hoping for the same this year. I'm not a big snow enthusiast.

  5. Dorothy,
    Last winter for us was horrible and it started before Thanksgiving! So I have to admit I am thankful for this late start (even though I usually love winter!)

    I really love your area of NY state because of how beautiful it is year round! Are you still snow-free?

    You are lucky you had light winters the past few years! We had some pretty rough ones and I am ready for a quiet and less snowy one! I love winter, but when there are so many accidents right in front of our home it can become a bit much!

  6. That's a reality check. There's nothing more peaceful than a snow fall enjoyed in the sanctity of ones home.