Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Today's weather took me back to the week we moved in over 30 years ago...and not in a good way! We had severe weather roar through and got 2 inches of marble sized hail thrown at us by really ugly skies. Add to that over 2 inches of sheeting rain at the same time and we had a real mess here in Western Michigan!
The rain and hail came down so HARD!

This was at the very beginning and we only had a bit...

It was a lot that peppered the our home. My poor dogs went crazy. Mac yelped and headed under the bed and Foxy threw up again and again as the white marbles hammered us.

When it was safe to go out, I got this picture. I guess I should be thankful - at least this time it came down straight instead of being blown into our windows which happened the last time in 1975 when we lost 10 windows to the hail!


  1. That's a lot of hail on the ground! We were talking about hail on Easter Sunday. Our friends are from Texas. They were telling us about hail the size of golf balls that made holes in car windshields.

  2. It hailed here one night last week here in Orange County. Still on the grass in the morning. Hail that stays around for a few hours is a bit of a rarity here. Its fun to listen to at night. I love it.

    Stephen Tremp

  3. wow, that's a serious storm and while we in Ontario had warm weather. very odd climate these days.