Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Green Grapes of Fall

I adore ripe green grapes, seedless ones of course.  These sweet, crisp wonders are something I wait for all year long.  "What?" you may ask, "aren't they out the whole year in the produce section of my local grocery store??"  Well the answer of course is yes, but they are only the sweetest and the best in the fall of the year here in Michigan and that is when I totally over dose on these sensational, green, crunchy globes.

I usually need to sip something whilst enjoying these luscious grapes, and have over the years experimented with many liquid concoctions - not all of them elixirs of the gods!  I tried Koolaide at about ten years old - it left much to be desired.  As I got older I would share those grapes with many forms of liquid refreshment, but none quite hit the spot.  I even tried some French bubbly which was grand, but the sparkling drink did tend to overpower the taste of the grapes.

Finally, I tried something that made my poor husband think I was totally crazy!  I found that a good, light German beer turned out to be fabulous with my favorite fruit!  First, you have to know that I am very European in my tastes and love good ales, stouts and beers warm.  Yeah, yeah, I've heard it all before - I am totally crazy, and, "What is wrong with your taste buds girl!"

Well, it is a choice, and my combo at the moment.  I really think that the crisp flavors of each really compliment each other...that is my opinion, of course!

And as they say, there's no accounting for personal taste.   ;-)


  1. I haven't tried green grapes with the beer, but can totally imagine it.

    Fall grapes make for some pretty great wines, too.

  2. ChrisJ,
    Green grapes that are ripe are a real addiction for me, and have been since I was young. And I agree with you, I really like wine too! :-)

  3. We're big grape eaters in my house, and green grapes are definitely the favorite. I don't drink beer, so that combo probably wouldn't work for me, but it's definitely a creative mix.

  4. Nothingprofound,
    It is! And it's good, too! ;-)

  5. oh yes, there are grapes, and then there are grapes of this season. a nearly completely different fruit. it's like the difference between frozen strawberries or strawberries off the line.

  6. You are so right, Pearl! It is a totally different fruit. The sad thing is except a few fruits, that's true for any of them that are out of season. But green grapes are the nectar of the gods for me!! :-)

  7. I'll have to tell Bob about green grapes and beer. He enjoys the micro brews. He likes ales and stouts .. but cold. I have grapes in the fridge .. red ones, though. I do like the green ones too. Yesterday, in the produce department, the red ones looked better than the green ones.

  8. You made me hungry for ol green grapes. i am with you in terms of having European taste :)