Friday, February 4, 2011

Where Does Wisdom Grow?

I have many favorite authors who's books I love to wade knee deep into over and over again.  But there is only one with whom I can go back to again and again for wisdom - and for joy.  When I first read her words I found I agreed with so many of her thoughts and ideas.  Both of her books keep calling me back to those curled pages and I so wish we could return to her concept of what life was like before technology.

"Everybody is a story," she told me from the written page of one of her books.

"People sat around kitchen tables and told their stories...It is the way wisdom gets passed along."

We don't share that kind of wisdom much anymore.  Her wisdom is that of a Jewish mind and my favorite line of hers is, "Real stories take time."  We really don't have time anymore to work at life in a way that makes for good stories (at least most of us don't...) and we certainly don't make time to listen to those important stories of our lives from those around us anymore.

So, today I am stopping to gather up my stories like a hen gathers up her chicks.  The stories I've learned have become important ones for me, and some of the lessons I've learned from those tales are too.

Like good letters good stories aren't perfect, but share the essence of us and our stories with those we know and love.

Stay tuned!


  1. I sense that we are about to read some stories .. waiting :-)

  2. But its good to stay a fool at heart too ... for the small things at least.

  3. Linda,
    I'm working on just a few stories! :-)

    True...for the small things!

  4. sounds like a worthwhile thing to spend some time on.

    Self and society are made of the key stories more than of carbon or blood.

  5. Pearl,
    I so agree! I find that stories the stories we often share are the best way to share who we truly are.

  6. It's very important to write those stories and not expect the kids or grandkids to remember them from just hearing them. I am still trying to convince my mom to write her memoir. Somehow I get the impression that she's a little superstitious about it. If she won't commit it to paper (she doesn't type or own a computer), then maybe I'll convince her to record her thoughts, and I'll transcribe the tapes.

    Good luck with your stories. I'm looking forward to reading them.

  7. Stories keep our humanity intact. And I do want to read one of yours ;)

  8. We need more people to spend the time making good stories; everything is so fast today and done quickly.

  9. Most recently I'm reading a Vince Flynn thriller. Sort of fun. Books are the best sleeping pill they ever invented BTW. I'm glad to be back reading in earnest.