Thursday, July 7, 2011

Exploring Mysteries

The summer is made for reading.  I'm not much of a beach person since I burn easily so my preferred place to take in a book is my recliner, or my bed.  Beside each there is a stack of at least three books. You see, I love to sit and read, sometimes for hours.

This summer is a continuation of my mystery addiction that has continued for about a year.  I just finished the last of Charles Todd's WWI Ian Rutledge books.  Good stuff!  I am wandering right now looking for a new book or book series that will capture my attention.  I've done quite a few, but often find myself reading to the middle and then either quitting because it's so bad, or skipping parts to get to the end.  Bad, eh?

I have read so many really good ones that it's hard to read that which does not measure up in my opinion.  I have to admit I enjoyed the last book by Kathy Reichs.  Bones to Ashes was a very good yarn!  I'm not usually much for the modern mystery, but this one I couldn't figure out and it told a fabulous pre-story that captured my attention from the beginning.  I love the series Bones (based on her books) on TV, and am finding the books, though not the same at all, to be very engaging.  From what I've read about the readers and lovers of the show I'm a true rarity since I love both the books and the series.

As you can tell the summer is not for escape reading for me!  I simply love a good read at any time!


  1. great post - thought I thinl reading for me is a year round thing - curled up by the fire - the wind howling outside (which it is right now here. I love Patricia Cornwell at the moment. I think it's because her characters are all so flawed. :)

  2. You reminded me that I need to plug in my Kindle! I love to read too. My favorite genre at the moment is romance. I am currently reading Barbara Freethy's "Summer Secrets". I enjoy watching "Bones" on TV too. I haven't read any of the books.

  3. Hey, Jo! I like to read all year round too, but usually end up reading tons during the summer because during the extremely humid days I need to be in the house and after doing work I love to sit and read. Thanks for stopping by!

    Glad I sparked your Kindle - so to speak! (LOL!) Any reading is good. I tend to go for a couple of years in one kind of reading. Guess you might call me one tracky! :-)

  4. Have you read any of Ann Perry's Thomas and Charlotte Pitt detective novels. they are set in Victorian England and are quite fun.Perry does "Victoriana" very well.

  5. ChrisJ,
    I haven't read any of Ann Perry's books. I love when an author can do historical times really well so I will have to explore them! Thanks so much for opening up another avenue for me to discover in the realm of mysteries!