Monday, March 12, 2012

Who are Heroes

I don't believe in heroes.  

Heroes in the past seemed super-human, 
and no one is that unselfish.   
We all do so much for show and to impress these days. 

Our brains and hearts hope for that John Wayne 
to walk into life and beat away the painful 
while building and rebuilding the good, 
but in reality 
we're usually left alone to swing and miss 
at that which tears us down.  

We do pass on good to each other, 
but seldom is it really selfless.  
We cry, 
and hide who we are 
because we are told
no one wants to handle our pain...
no one really wants to listen. 

All that is acceptable 
are positive realities.
Imaginary and hollow.
Life is 
all encompassing.

How do we embrace all of who we are, again?   

This was written not because of doubts or anger, but rather from the so many questions I've had over the years.  I have often wondered what actually sustains us through life.  

For me it is the laughter as well as those who care in my life.  

We need to learn how to listen, and hear again - not simply text.


  1. I think you've hit the nail on the head - how do we embrace all that we are again? I guess we all have to find our own path.

  2. ChrisJ,
    I think so many are running from the reality of who we are, and how each of us needs to embrace how each of us as individuals can change our own world and the greater world as well. If we find our own path, we can definitely make a bigger impact!

  3. Someone once told me you have to be selfish first to be selfless. What he meant was you have to make sure your needs are satisfied, that you are strong (not just physically, but mentally and physically) ... otherwise you don't have the strength to help others.

  4. Robert,
    That is also a wise thought! Thanks for addition! I have found that mostly, the wisdom from those us know touches and changes more than those wise sayings in books!

  5. So true! Today, I had to get a ride home from the car repair shop after dropping off my car. The owner of the shop, an elderly gentleman, and I were talking about the nice weather when he suddenly told me that his 3-year-old grandson was severely burned in a fire this past weekend. I'm not sure what prompted him to share his burden, but I'm glad that he did. It seemed to lighten his load a bit, and I prayed for him.

  6. Walk2Write,
    Yeah, héros are those who stay and listen, and be there even if it gets messy. You were and I so admire the people like that I've seen in action lately. They are special, and in my opinion the real heroes today. Sadly there aren't many of them.

  7. Robert's got a good point.

    You also have to not care in order to be cared about. Once you no longer can afford to care about how people care or don't, people can draw near or not. If you bend yourself looking for a mould, you make yourself crazy trying to be not imposing or impressing or something. Flick the world the bird if angry sad or happy or neutral and there's an inner space. People who will click will. The rest can fall away rather than fatigue by trying to keep.

  8. Wonderful thoughts, Pearl. I agree with Robert to, but we seldom see that side of the coin. Thankfully some of us learn that later in life. :-)

  9. These words are a source of strength for me today. i seldom come across someone who has a clear understanding of human nature the way you do. Yes is maddening..and we need the laughter or else we will go crazy. Thank you for these words of survival.