Thursday, March 11, 2010

The First Signs of Spring

Our first rain of spring hit rather suddenly today - and quite heavily at least in the beginning. I was sitting at the computer and it really caught me off guard. We had been told it was coming, but I figured the first rain would be that typically gentle spring time rain. I was certainly not expecting a downpour!

As I sat and listening to the rain and enjoying the sounds of it running off the roof I began to feel that green envy that comes after a winter of white. I had forgotten how lovely it sounds. Winter's precipitation is mostly soft and the only sounds that occur is that which comes from the gales of the season.

Rain holds a special meaning for those of us who love gardening. Rain is the predictor of lovely growth that comes from the ground and trees. My daffodils by the backdoor are up about 3 inches and I'm starting to see those first buds. The crocuses have not begun to surface in the garden yet. That will be a time to celebrate when they first give color to the world again. That is when it really means springtime!


  1. Nice post. I can tell that you are anticipating the real start of Spring. The rains that you have are coming our way tomorrow.

  2. You are so right, Linda! I am wanting to get out and get my hands dirty! :-)

  3. Interesting about the rain, or the sound of it, ushering in thoughts of spring ... I forget about those subtleties down here on the peninsula.

  4. I lo ve the rain. I took out part of the patio deck before the heavy rains and now the area is over run with weeds and mud. Our little gardening project just got a lot harder and dirtier.

    Stephen Tremp

  5. Our progression to spring took a little step backwards yesterday with some snow and hail. Fortunately we are back on track today!

    The first rains of spring are such wonderful harbingers of growth and greenery. I can't wait.

  6. Spring is here, too, in the deep South, and it is quite welcome. Even though we have not had snow, we've had quite a cold winter. I'm ready to say, "Bye. See you next year."

  7. Robert,
    I think there is nothing that sounds better than rain on the roof! It means the beginnings of spring - even though it is only March here!!

  8. Stephen,
    Sounds like your garden project is in need of some care! I need to spend more time on mine too as the grass has taken over the section where my black eyed susans are!

    The weather people are talking snow for next week here too - gosh, I hope they are wrong!

    Grandmère Mimi,
    I think spring is my favorite season - but we seldom get many days of it anymore. We are tending toward running into summer after only a week! We use to have a whole month of that lovely springtime weather when I was growing up.

  9. Ciss, our winters usually morph quickly into summer, too. When we have a real spring, it's always a pleasant surprise.

  10. My father was the gardener in the family. While I have have tried to follow in his footsteps with a simple vegetable garden, the weeds soon get ahead of me. I limit my gardening to mowing the lawn. Linda took pictures of the crocuses already coming up because I didn't plant them deep enough!