Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How Long Till Springtime Momma?

Three days of glorious sunshine have lifted everyone's spirits around here! our temperatures have remained in the forties during the day for the past few days which means people are getting out and enjoying this lovely weather.

I have daffodil leaves up about three inches peeking through the crusty snow by my back door (I've measure them!) and I am ready to play in the dirt once more, which makes it hard not to go to my shed and get out my garden tools.

But I have really have to wait and so I am somewhat content in digging through the multitude of seed and plant catalogs that are magically finding their way into my mailbox these days. I did dig through my frozen and crusty compost heap which was quite a job! So, here I sit drooling over the catalogs look out my kitchen window with a mug of tea watching carefully for those first real signs that proclaim to the world that the seasons are finally changing.


  1. Here summer is up and I don't like the heat and dust. I wish you'd take pictures of your garden for us to see. It must be intereting to see the changig seasons there.

  2. Hi Bax,
    I promise I will get some pics this weekend! (Got your message! Glad to see you back!)

  3. We also have daytime highs in the forties and loads of sunshine. You know what they say, though, about March coming in like a lamb...

    I haven't looked for tulips yet, but they are probably up.

    Ahh, spring fever!

  4. I am a bit nervous about getting some really bad winter weather before the month is over because of the way March can be. Spring fever does grab most of us here too!

  5. That's funny ... because a similar temperature in south Florida has us all bundling up like its deep winter. (Temperatures are relative after all you know!)

  6. We've had so much rain here, I'm surprised to discover my fruit trees have a few blooms. My lilies are up, but not finding anything else. The changing of the seasons here is subtle, I miss the clarity of change back east. Hope things warm up for you soon. Spring is just around the corner. Yes, please share some pix.