Thursday, August 26, 2010

People - Less Frustration

So many changes are happening - almost daily, and sometimes every moment these days.  Many blame it on the computer and it's demand on our time, but I think we all like the anonymous way we can sometimes link with others online.  Many of us pay bills online - there are no more face to face with the people at the phone company!  We don't even write checks, we do it at the bank site or our creditor's sites.   Speaking of phone sites, who still has land lines these days with all the cell phones out there?

We've become disengaged in so many ways...but is it really because of the computer and all the technology?  For me the choice to be a techie and people person in much of my life is as balanced as I can make it.

Because of all the disengagement in my own world these days, I really try to be more involved with the people around me and do something that is almost unheard of here - I talk to people in line at the supermarket.  We all know that  we wait in all sorts of lines these days at places like Walmart.  While waiting you have a choice of how you spend that time in line - you can stand and day dream, get hot under the collar, or you can do what I choose to do.  I spend that wasted time getting to know those who are held captive with me.  It keeps me happy, and can often diffuse a tension-filled line at the check-out.

So what do you do?  Are you a friend-maker in line?  How do you handle that hurry-up-and-wait time?


  1. I think chatting with people who are in the check-out line makes the time you are waiting go faster. I am like you; I talk with the people in line.

  2. I agree; it's a good idea. Sometimes though, people can be a tad grouchy!

  3. I am also doing the same thing. My job is taking me away. and then i spent my free time online. there should be balance.

  4. Although I'm a bit of an introvert, I love to schmooze inperson and online. Online is a bit safer as I don;t have to worry about mood changes from people, which I'm still working on. But overall I prefer intimate personal exchanges with people. I like people, and can relate with most regardless of where they come from or where they are going.

    Stephen Tremp

  5. Online sometimes can be safer - but sometimes people can be more likely to bully because they cannot actually look a person in the eye as well. (On some of the "social" networking sites too!) I know, I've experienced it.

    Like you I enjoy speaking to someone eye-to-eye!

  6. Oh I always talk to the people in line. I really am shy so I started doing this to get over being shy. It is so much easier to start a conversation if they or I have a child. (I'm working on it).
    Thank you for stopping by on Friday we had a great trip to DC (my longest ride to date; 4 hours and 15 minutes). I am proud to say I am now 6 days cigarette free and am just wondering when the urge to slap someone will pass..

  7. Ciss, you've opened my eyes. I do talk to more people at the supermarket, even Starbucks, than I used to. I've even been known to babble on occasion, even though I used to be a quiet, reserved, introvert. It's isolation, isn't it? Great insight.


  8. Thank you for your inspiring comments on my story. The book became a book from a journal I kept to help me get through the fog. I began keeping journals at age 9 and still do today.
    Have a positive week!

  9. Quite an interesting idea! What do I do .... hmmmm...I think sometimes I do talk with people in queue but not always. Hope your computer is now running smoothly.

  10. occasionally I chat in line and to the clerks. more so if I'm alone than with hubby. I try to remain open for people who are receptive and be a greeter and introducer of people.

    yes, online is differently safe. with schedules all out synch with one another it in-fills the long gaps between face to face, a chance for parlour chats.

  11. Doreen,
    Being shy is a great reason to start a conversation in line!

    And on the urge to do violence - I am not sure when that will pass ;-)

    Thank you. I guess I didn't realize how important talking to people not only in line, but behind the counter was until I got a huge hug by one of the ladies who use to wait on me a few years ago. She told me that I was her favorite customer because I cared enough to look her straight in the eyes and really talk to her.

    You are so welcome, Doreen. I really meant the comments!

    It is so good to hear from you! I am so seldom online these days. Family things are keeping me busy. Hope you're doing well?

    Parlor chatting - simply talking is something we all seldom do with anyone but our immediate circle of friends anymore sadly.

  12. I'm a friend maker in line and I try to joke with people while I shop.
    We are all suffering together, why not make the best of it~! Great post~

  13. Especially if I'm not feeling well, I find that speaking with other shoppers, store clerks, or whomever I run into not only helps me take the focus off me, but I like to think gives them an avenue to express themselves, be understood and appreciated. Being a good listener helps. It's amazing how people will open up.