Sunday, August 8, 2010

Vicious Attacks Happening Right in Your Own Backyard

Is anyone else fed up with the vicious attacks that are occurring these days?  You know those attacks flying to and fro between the Republican or Democrat running for office in your area?  To differentiate themselves they are really getting nasty these days.  That's not totally true...but this year there is little respect for each other and besides the normal rantings and ravings there has been a bit of smear campaign going on here - even AFTER the election.

I do so detest all things political.  There is little truth in any political ad, and they never tell you how they're going to fill the job requirements for whatever office they are aspiring to attain.  I really want to ask each of them to give me their actual qualifications and why they would have the qualities necessary to fill the job.

I believe that the pack of them are simply enjoying running us into the ground simply to satisfy a need to dominate their world, and ours.  We  really need a few real people with real jobs to get into those offices and remind them that those normal, wealthy representatives and senators haven't a clue what life is like down here among we average citizens...that my friends is a very sad fact to face just after any kind of election.


  1. Absolutely, I agree! I just hid a couple of facebook friends because their other friends are being vicious. After a few days of this, I realized I feel nauseous. I don't need that stuff running around inside my mind. This way I still have my friend, but I don't have to be exposed to the nastiness.

  2. It seems people no longer care about Art and Music these days but only strong opinions.

  3. Elizabeth,
    The sad thing is I no longer listen to their rhetoric and simply do research through local records or the Congressional record. I do not trust the person running because it's all lies coming from a shyster trying to get into the office.

    You are right. They are out doing themselves in holiness and lies.

  4. It does get bad; everyone is so desperate to win, they will say anything.

    The research you do tells you the real story; too bad more people don't do that.

  5. ChrisJ,
    I began the research on each politician I had to vote for here when all I heard was rhetoric, or smears. It's my way of getting to the bottom of who they are - even if it means check and READING parts of the Congressional record!

  6. Good post, Ciss. I'm in favor of voting all incumbents out of office, no matter their party. If regular folks unite and send a strong message, maybe those who are supposed to represent us will start working together on our behalf. Too bad we can't vote out the people who run the RNC and the DNC. I firmly believe they're half of the problem.


  7. Patricia,
    You are so right! I am frustrated with the party leaders because they really aren't interested in those who work for a living. That's terrible because they're suppose to have ALL of us in mind not just a chosen few.