Thursday, April 21, 2011

No Thank You For a Great W. Michigan Journalist

If you ever doubted that there is age discrimination that ALL the politicians turn a blind eye to look no further than journalistic TV news and your local newspapers.  Watch the young perky faces that grace your screen as anchors and reporters and if you haven't seen yet watch the older journalists slowly disappear, most unwilling to go.

Granted, some should because they aren't or often have never been journalists and only readers of what the networks throw at them.  But the great news people those who doggedly went after the real news are being dropped like a hot potato everywhere.  Our culture of youth has lost any kind of respect for those who have gifts as true journalists, and if I'm honest so many other professions as well.

Today our paper painted the headline the front page with pictures of one of those loses.  What bothers me the most is the hue and cry that has gone out for loyalty from companies across the country, but that has to go both ways and this is the age of the employer and the worker is a petty difficult - at best.

The worker is on the decent not only in pay and in jobs, but in importance as the cog in the wheel that makes the product for our country and the world.  Why?  Because we demanded too much.  Sad, since most of us simply want make a living and be able to survive in today's economy.


  1. Our local paper for one has really gone downhill. The economic engine of advertising and classifieds left them stranded in the 20th century, ... or something like that. I find myself reading less and less as a result, although I do indulge in a home delivery of the WSJ, which is one paper that's maintained its intellectual footing.

  2. Our local paper is so ridiculous they hired me to do blog posts for them and after 2 weeks do not have the blog up. I explained I could have one up in an hour...but no...the men are handling it...they are STILL like that...