Sunday, April 17, 2011

Only a Little Rant...

I've learned many things during this year I turned 60.  Many important things.   I must admit that I try to learn something new often, which can be a challenge that sometimes frustrates me.  I keep struggling with the ever changing world of computers - we upgraded to a Mac recently.  I had to change how I do things and it was hard at first, but I am so glad to have this internet machine because I am no longer haunted by breakdowns!

I also learned from a belligerent blogger that no one can convince you to their way of believing simply by arguing their point with you.  A person recently tried and got very belligerent when they didn't succeed.  We all should be respected for our beliefs and not belittled until we give in to another's way of thinking - one convinced against their will remains the same opinion still.

Don't expect people, even friends to echo your own strongly held convictions.  We are not clones. We claim to want personal freedoms but only surround ourselves with comfortable people who don't challenge us.

End of rant.   :-)


  1. One thing you haven't learnt is how to rant.

    Where were the profanities? Where was the bit where you call down the wrath of God onto all those who disagree with you?

    Really, Ciss, this is not good enough and I am going to have to reject your application to join Ranters Anonymous.

  2. Welcome MadPriest! You're right...I am lacking in wrath. ;-) I get frustrated with people, but seldom get a real "mad-on," as one of my granddaughters tells me. Ah, well.

  3. True, true. Surrounding ourselves with like-minded people is so much easier than trying to understand a different point of view. Where do I sign up for this RA thing? I need a tutorial.

  4. That was a bit of a polite rant. I agree with you though!
    I also totally agree with the comment you left me. Actions most certainly speak louder than words...especially words that are spoken loudly.
    Actually I am trying to leave those that bother; annoy; preach or speak badly about me in the dust and move on so quickly that they have no idea where I went and why I am not debating with them...keeps them wondering;)

  5. LOL! Walk2Write, I wish I knew. I keep ranting and getting no where!! ;-)

  6. Doreen,
    I dislike those who scream, yell and make you feel you have no right to have a differing opinion. There is a place for civil discourse, and I certainly wish people would find it in themselves to think of others before engaging their mouths, or pens. Like you I tend to avoid or ignore that type of speaker or blogger.

    You're article on prayer was quite interesting.

  7. I agree, to each his/her own. Great about your Mac ... like anything a new system takes time to get to know. As for turning 60, I just solved the Rubik's Cube after 32 years of trying!

  8. We have three things in common right now - turning 60, buying a Mac (purchased but not received yet), and disliking belligerence.

    I quite enjoyed MadPriest's comment about your rant being lacking - funny!