Monday, August 8, 2011


If you click on the picture you will get a bigger view of the face
of the Rock of Cashel.  You will also see on the left the older boy
that we saw climbing the face.
Watching the Rock was a diversion as we boarded the bus and waited for our driver.   I was one of many that spotted the brick that surrounded  what looks like a door arch, with no door of course.  Between the rocks and brick we all thought it was quite steep to try to climb.   What had all of us captivated after a little while was two boys  who were climbing the Rock's face that day.  (I did capture the older boy here on the left of my picture.)  Personally, I was more than a little nervous for these young fellows who scaled the rocks toward the summit like small mountain goats so skillfully and slowly.  

I have wondered since then....did their mother (mothers?) know where they were?  And that gave me thought of my own boys when they were growing up.  

I wonder how many times they did frightening things I didn't know about.  Which added to my personal consternation.  And then a thought came to me - how many angel hands must support our children all the places they go as they climb toward adulthood?


  1. Oh, how true! Those angel hands take good care of the little ones. It's life-changing when adults recognize it.

  2. Walk2Write,
    You're so right, we really need to see that we aren't always there to protect our children and grandchildren and that praying for their safety and trusting is all we can do.

  3. Boys will be boys! Something about boulders or a rock face that always attracts us. It must be in our DNA?

  4. Robert,
    I think you're right! My three boys had a thing for climbing anything and everything!

  5. That proves it! I think it's a universal rule.

  6. It is how you raise your children. If they have good foundation then all you need to do is pray for them and guide them as parents.