Monday, November 21, 2011

The Simple Life

I have been truly enjoying our extended fall this year.  From the lovely colors that always grace with our Midwestern Autumn to what I consider the actual beauty of the season which of course is the vivid blue skies and the emerging bones of all the trees that are hidden throughout the summer months in my neighborhood.

I am truly amazed that so many people do not see the simple beauty in the many shapes that each tree's limbs and branches take as the leaves disappear every fall.  Some of the trees look like gnarled limbs, and branches that seem like old friends, and some seem instead to reach to the sky on tip-toes stretching up.

So many people I know can't seem to look beyond the dark in winter tree bark.  I see so many shades and colors of deep reds, browns, and even some purples that can be found in a winter forest.  With the snows that invariably paint a very different scene from the autumn colors, the trees take on an almost fairy tale world for me.

I find any tree a friend through all seasons, but especially in the cold months when it is totally bare and really exposes to the world its heart stripped totally of all the youthful spring dresses that hide the well rounded soul that is more truly its inner self - that is the reality of a tree.


  1. There is so much beauty in your prose. I can relate to how timeless beauty is in that trees are like people. We reveal our true selves when we undergo seasons in our existence...and how wonderful it is to know that this world is blessed with a person like you who can beauty in everything.

  2. Thank you so much, Bax! I really love nature and I truly believe there is something special in every season.

    Blessings, friend!

  3. Beautifully written! I admire the bark on a tree too. In fact I have been trying to capture a photograph of a tree's bark, one that I can be proud of. One day I will accomplish this feat!

  4. Dear Ciss B,
    By not posting on my Hope Filled Jars blog for a while I missed out on your visits, your comments, as well as visiting your blogs in return.
    So you are a true tree totaler too? Another thing we share. I remember how I couldn't get enough of the black lace I saw after the fall winds had taken down all leaves. Even as a child I would look up and marvel at the patterns seen against the sky. Each season is a treat, something I miss when in warmer climates.

  5. Linda,
    Thank you for the compliment! It seems we have a love of trees in common!

    I'm sorry I haven't been by much. I've been wrapped up more in life lately than in the computer. I do drop by but haven't had much time to comment at any blogs sadly. I have given myself a certain time frame online these days for writing and comments and only at the blogs I real enjoy so you will probably be seeing me more! Thanks for coming by!!

  6. Beautifully put, and I agree with you. We tend to get caught up in the gaudiness of things and miss the most important aspects of life laid bare. Every year it gets to be more of a chore and not a joy to decorate for the holidays. I appreciate the simpler aspects of life.

  7. Walk2write,
    I love the fall, but that American Christmas season has bacon nasty! I have made it a point to only do what for me is the heart of Christmas. I take time time for cookie making with the grandkids, listening to the lovely carols of the season (NONE of the nasty songs like we hear on the radio these days!), and tend to try to snuggle up in the totally unrealistic feelings of hope that for me is at the center of this lovely season...oh, and this year I am really enjoying the Christmas lights in my neighborhood too - mainly because they are more simply and beautifully done this year.

  8. Ciss, what a beautiful post! I've been experiencing this extended autumn very much the same as you. I have a habit of stopping to look at trees at great length, staring through their branches at the sky. With the leaves gone, they make fascinating patterns, reminding me of Chinese paintings. It's all so intricate and dazzling, especially with the sun shining on them.

  9. Nothingprofound,
    Thank you! I have to agree with you too, the trees that reach for the sky in winter do look like a Chinese painting. The Chinese have a way to send a sense of peace in their paintings AND their gardens which I truly love. The sun shining on them adds to that simple but relaxing stylistic view of the the winter world.

  10. I hope your holidays were enjoyable. Happy New Year!

  11. I agree with you about the winter colours; those deep hues are some of my favourites.

    Happy New Year. Hope you find more time to blog in the coming year.