Sunday, November 13, 2011

Where the Asphalt Meets the Water

Sunday, I went to the beach at Lake Michigan and watched the waves roll because of the strong winds we had.  I spent an hour totally entranced gazing as three para surfers who seemed to fly with the wind, and then land almost like like a gymnast might on any given wave.  They went from what seems like a delicate jump in the air and then skate effortlessly over the waves on the North side of the channel.   It was so amazing to watch these para-surfers just do it so seamlessly and with such ease.

I sat almost holding my breath for 45 minutes watching these guys (and they're really all ages, (some even looked to be 50 or older.) doing such amazing wave jumping and ridding.

As I sat there I noticed that there were at least 20 cars including mine along the edge where the asphalt met the beach watching in awe as this show or competition unfolded all afternoon.

What was almost as much fun to watch were the two young boys with their grandfather in the car next to mine. They  were mesmerized and responded with such awe to what was happening on the water and the waves just across the beach from us.

All I can say is it was totally magical, and I really wish I had brought my camera with me!

(If you aren't sure what I'm talking about check out this link on YouTube!)


  1. It is jaw-dropping stuff to watch. I've watched them many times and wonder how they do it. I know it takes a lot of strength to control that kite or chute.

  2. Yeah I saw something similar to that and it is an amazing be totally free like a bird... That kind of feeling that captivates the human imagination...great post!

  3. Walk2Write,
    It sure is something to watch! The Great Lakes usually only have short choppy waves, but to watch the para surfers makes it feel we can compete with both oceans in exciting surfing! (LOL!)

    You're right it does give you that feeling like they're more bird than human when they're in the air! Thanks for coming by!!