Thursday, April 5, 2012


Spring's here.  That isn't anything new in the Southern part of our country, but here in the Midwest we should just be coming out of our ice and snow.  This year is an unusual in everyday.  Our weather pattern for this part of the world for March is Snow and cold, and instead many of our spring flowering plants, bushes, and trees are blooming quickly and fading fast in a month that has been mostly above the mid 70s and often in the 80s.

But tonight, we dip back into the icy cold, and I'm more than a little glad I didn't begin to garden too soon.


  1. It's been odd weather everywhere, it seems. Our tulips are up almost a foot and it snowed (and stayed on the ground) yesterday. Still, I always love this time when winter's kick is too weak to worry about.

    1. THough I've missed winter, I have to admit I agree with you. Spring is something I look forward to every year, and that includes this year.

  2. We've been having glorious weather, if a bit on the warm side too. I can hardly stand to stay inside and do any work. The garden keeps calling me. I hope your chill wasn't too severe.

  3. The sad thing is the crops we've already lost. The state's tart cherry crop was 90% lost because of the freezing weather. We'll see what else was affected later. My tulips look gorgeous thankfully!

  4. Our air has been mostly dry, especially noticeable in the morning. The crushing humidity of Florida has yet to arrive, despite the warmer winter for us, too.

  5. Robert,
    Our air has mostly been dry too even on the warmest days which is unusual as summer approaches. I love it, though!