Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Music, Music, Music

The Irish/Celtic music is calling me today and it isn't even St. Patrick's (Pádraig) Day!  For the past three days I've been listening to some of one of my new CDs of the most fabulous world music - in my humble opinion of course.

It's amazing to me how music is such a driving force in our world these days.  Everyone seems to have an MP3 player of some kind, and it seems everyone walking, running, or even driving past me these days seems to be groovin' to some tune!

As a child of the 60s I was exposed to so many music genres and I learned early to love folk and of course the early forms of Irish music that hit our shores here in the States.  (I also have to admit there was a certain bit of rock music that I enjoyed as well!)  But since my life has developed a craziness about it lately I've seemed to be going back to my musical roots.  From the Irish and Celtic, to the many shades of folk and folk/rock I find myself deeply immersing myself wherever I happen to be - in my car, on my iPod, or on my home stereo.

My biggest challenge this year has been to put together compilations and share the music with my grandkids.  And I have certainly discovered they love it as much as I do!  From those good ole songs of the folk era during the 60s, to my constant companion the Irish music, they are enjoying and singing the tunes wherever we are at the top of our lungs!  We have even drowned out a few thumping cars at the stop lights which I can not believe!  The looks we get as those occupants heard the thumping beat of our song, "We're the Boys of Belfast," by the Irish Rovers will stay with me for a very long time!

Yes, I believe music drives all of us these days, as it has throughout the centuries.  Whether it was through listening to the organ, lute, tape player, CD player, or MP3 player we certainly all can find our own personal groove any time we want, and thankfully music has always been a source of fun and that's been a great thing!


  1. Bob plays guitar. Stacey wants him to play for his granddaughters, and he has a little bit. My sister-in-law emailed us a video of twin girls, sitting in a high chair, listening to their daddy (I think) play the guitar. Those two little girls were moving back and forth, bobbing their heads to the music. I'd love to see our granddaughters do the same when they are that age.

    Speaking of music. One of my Facebook friends has a photo album of photographs with a music video to go with it. The photo album is a cool idea.

    1. I bet your granddaughters LOVED Grandpa's guitar music! Little kids always seem to love music.

      Okay you have intrigued me! What's your friend with the music video on FB? I will look them up!! :-)

  2. I LOVE celtic music. This cracks my husband up because I am not officially Irish...just a lil bit. When our grandkids are with us music is always a big part. We try to introduce them to whatever they are not subjected to at home. They love it all. Well maybe not..7 year old Avery seems to dislike country:(
    We have been doing alot of granddog sitting this summer too..
    I hope you have a great Labor Day!

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    1. So good that I have a friend in love with this fabulous music as well! :-) Knowing my own grandkids, I think it's the rhythm and bounce that draws most them into Irish/Celtic music. I think that's what draws many of then!!

      I hope your Labor Day is fabulous too - and thanks for dropping by!

  4. My home town was built up by Irish immigrants and has a strong Celtic streak in its civic culture - that's when the staunch British people with their military bands aren't performing - lol. A good march may get one's feet going, but Celtic music moves the heart.

    I still remember how awed I was by my first transistor radio - the awe wears off, but not the love of music.

  5. It seems we're bombarded with music everywhere, some of it not exactly my cup of tea. Restaurants, shops, gyms, elevators, waiting rooms... By the time I get home, usually I just want to sit in peace and quiet or listen to the birds singing outside. It's not that I don't like music. I love it. Many kinds for many moods. Folk, classical, jazz, blues, rock, but I like to be in control of what I'm hearing not subjected to someone else's taste in music. I do like Celtic music, by the way, when I'm in a dancing/festive mood.

  6. ChrisJ,
    I live in a mostly Dutch centered town now so I wear my Irishness (and Celticness!) with pride through the music I love. Since I was exposed to Irish music at my grandmother's home when I visited there, it was easy for me to go beyond and explore much of what America and Canada had to offer is the early 60s in the Irish music. Since then my tastes have expanded to the broader Celtic genre through Canadian groups as well as many from all over the British Isles. The music really hasn't changed but it has grown and really stretched beyond what I knew in the 60s as Irish music!

    You're right, the musak we here in the malls and doctor's offices is NOT music! That's why I tend to find ways to enjoy my own music and not get that trash that does no justice to music in all the genres. And I agree on the Celtic music for dancing! A good old fashioned Ceili is so much fun and you cannot help but want to get up and dance!