Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Best Part of a Tiny Job!

I have a tiny, new job!  I'm a hired gardener for a lovely garden along our Lake Macatawa.   This week was rather intense because I had to clean out the weeds and dead head all over including the loads of hostas along many of the irregular borders of this garden.

Tonight was a fabulous night to work in any garden and this one is makes it fun.  As I arrived some large, immature Bald Eagles were circling low over the edge of the the property where I was working as well as out over the lake across the road.  It made it hard to focus on the plants with those gorgeous raptors circling above.

As I waded through the hostas cutting their flower stalks a group on five Harleys roared past and were waving and shouting hellos to everyone who would listen.

Though the weather here has been unbearable most of the summer, at least there have been a few days of what I call real gardening weather.  I would love to be a gardener on a regular basis if the weather were cooler than this summer has been.  Maybe I need to move to Ireland where the cool (and even sometimes dry weather!) is the norm!


  1. Thank you for the inadvertent tip! I have hostas for the first time and was wondering what to do with the flower heads/stems.

    We are just home from Saint John, New Brunswick and think they should rename the place to Hosta City - the cool foggy climate interspersed with the occasional summer heat is just the thing and hostas are everywhere.

    The job sounds nice; sometimes the pay is just an extra bonus!

  2. I have agree with you ChrisJ. The pay is really an aside to the garden and the fun I have there!