Sunday, December 30, 2012

December Moon

The moon is veiled tonight and it seems to have a lace mantilla over its glowing face that simply adds to the beauty of the night. Tonight is is filled with a puffy light snow that glitters in that same moon glow and looks quite like a painting filled with mystical light.  

I am away from home again spending time with my grandpup, McCarty and am enjoying the quiet and peace with a large mug of hot chocolate.  These nights around the Christmas Holiday always seem magical when it snows so lightly that the moon can peek through and gaze down on our world. 

Winter is a problem for many who must get out and battle the roads to get to work, and though I am one of them too somehow it does more to fill me with a real sense of wonder that slows my usually harried daily life and seems to bring winter’s gentle breath, and my own to a much slower pace.  

We’ve not had much snow thus far this winter so tonight is a gift for one who relishes the time to curl up in a chair and knit, or read a good book.   My projects for Christmas are done and though the craft projects for spring birthdays have just been begun I haven’t a lap full of things to finish knitting or bookmarks to cross stitch that must have an “i” to dot or a “t” to cross.  It’s not quite a lazy time, but a more tranquil one where I can contemplate the snowfall, the quiet, and a hazy moon that begs to be gazed on longingly.  

Oh, that the New Year might bring the same peaceful times to cover my cares with such a blanket of a white and to find a solitude and stillness under during the busy times of daily living.


  1. You know how words sound in your mind when you read them? Your words fall peacefully on the mind's ear like a blanket of snow. I hope your dreams come true for you in the New Year. Have a happy one!

  2. Thank you, Walk2write. It's funny because I love to write and the winter is my inspiration time of the year. I love a soft snowfall and it often inspires my writing.

  3. A lot of comforting imagery like blankets, chocolate, solitude, stillness...hazy moon.People don't realize that what you read is also like a mantra and each word is a magic spell that conjures something in the subconscious. This is an amazing piece.

  4. Thanks so much, Bax! Words are magic for me, and the winter is my inspiration so often! :-)

  5. That moon is spectacular - so bright; it's hard not to feel peaceful when we are blessed by such beauty.

    Happy New Year!

  6. Thanks for coming by ChrisJ. There is something about a moon and the snow, I agree!