Sunday, March 31, 2013

I'm in An Irish State of Mind

It's past St. Paddy's Day, but with to coming spring and a lack of green but lots of sunshine I have been craving almost anything green!  And honestly, as many places I've seen decked out in Spring green none does it as wonderfully as Ireland.  The main reason is the multitude of greens that come with the climate that is spring in the land of St. Patrick and shamrocks.

Ireland has been known for it's love of people, its history, and of course it's music but it is also know for the intense greens that permeates any scene or picture you see of this lovely country. But it not simply the green of that makes the Irish special but the MANY shades that we think of if Ireland comes to mind, but the multitudes of the color that comes to mind when envisioning this fabulous nation!  After all Ireland is truly known for its forty shades of green because of the song by Johnny Cash, but long before the song the land of almost constant misty rain was know as the Emerald Isle.  Personally I feel there are at many thousands of shades rather than a mere forty shades of the fabulous color green there and the Irish are certainly known for the wearing of the national color in celebration of the good saint in the month of March.  But for me the landscape is an important part symbol of this fabulous land.

So when you contemplate the land of greens, remember that the colors and many shades that inhabit the heart and soul of the country stand for more than spring as it does also here in our home.

It stands for hope in all its shades as well.

And whether it is be a wet spring green,
or a vibrant emerald green that reminds
you of the Isle of Green, it is fabulous to
see and feel it where ever you are in the spring time.

 Have a grand spring!!!


  1. Beautiful landscapes of the Irish countryside. I mentioned to Bob, while we were on our 300-mile jaunt on Saturday how uninviting the countryside was because of the lack of green!

  2. I agree, Linda! Here it is so gray and I am really ready for the greens of spring, too.

  3. The leaves on our trees are finally making an appearance. Spring seems to be arriving later this year than normal. Last year was such an anomaly for its early arrival; it spoiled us!

    I've never been to Ireland, but it's near the top of my to-visit list. Maybe one of these days...

  4. Walk2write,
    I had always heard about the 40 shades of green in Ireland and always wondered, "how true can it really be?" Well I am here to tell anyone who will listen that my pictures do not do the land justice. The beauty is harsh and rough and it is truly in many ways a frontier in the West of the country, but it took my breath away! If I could choose between Ireland and the U.S. to live I would choose Ireland in a heartbeat! (But with family history there it also helps makes the choice!)

    Thanks so much for coming by!! :-)

  5. This looks so refreshing! It must be great to enjoy the green serenity of Ireland.

  6. Thanks Mariam! It certainly was a wonderful green when I visited there in 2011. I really want to go back, too!