Thursday, July 10, 2008

Eat 'Em Up

House cleaning. Though it is probably cathartic to some it is a real pain to my way of thinking, but with two dogs who shed tons I have no choice, I have to vacuum and that's just the beginning. I have to admit there are some jobs that I almost enjoy doing and though it won't ever be anything I would do for a living, laundry and ironing can be a place where my creative juices can really come alive. That's why I have a journal on that room in my house so I can capture those thoughts that come unbidden. In fact, if I'm honest I have just a few of those notebooks in other parts of my home where whatever I'm doing those ideas might take a few moments to congeal with pen and ink.

In the kitchen the notebook is doused in wonderful smells from whatever I'm cooking when I write. Often I'll open the book to the smells of garlic thyme, basil and tomatoes, or wonderfully cooked chicken. I have to say I think that's my favorite book because it has the smells that help me almost taste words. Alright, I know I'm a bit crazy, but try thinking of a word or words that are almost as fun to say as they are to think of...for me that might me apple strudel, or lasagna! Okay, I have to admit that lasagna is more fun if I mispronounce it like a kid might. LA SAG NA. Now put an Italian sounding twist to it. I love to close my eyes and imagine the smell too, and voilĂ - the smell and the sound becomes tasty! You know, that's why I love words.

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