Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Scary Storms

Sheets and sheets of rain and 1/4 inch hail; winds up to 64 MPH (Up to 90 MPH just 20 miles North of us!); the inability to see anything but the tree just outside of my kitchen window - this was the way my Wednesday unfolded. It was really a bit frightening to feel the house shiver from the winds and not know what, if any, damage was being done.

After almost two hours of wave upon wave of huge storms we are settling down to simply a soft, quiet rain. We got well over 2 inches in a really short length of time and I know our basement will have wet floors tomorrow so I've turned the dehumidifier on high and will leave the rest of the mess until morning - I simply will not worry about that until tomorrow.

Bad weather has become a huge part of our area of late, but it's really all part of living in this mitten called Michigan. I am thankful for the quiet gentle rain now, and will rest better knowing the storms of today are over.

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