Saturday, July 26, 2008

Time...How Does It Affect You?

Life goes around for all of us. Circles for me are all that I have been experiencing lately. I've been taking changes, making changes in my life...I take two steps forward, and end up back where I began. Typical, I know. But I sure wish it would have happened years ago when I was young enough to not let it get to me.

You see, I've just begun to blossom - in my fifth decade. How do people deal with the pain as kids let alone when you're an adult and have been for years set comfortably, or rather uncomfortably in a life that hadn't changed until I couldn't let someone walk all over another person. I've been that walked all over person for what was forever. Now I'm different in so many ways, but the kid in me doesn't know that.

Ah, well I guess I will just have to live with it! Ancora Iparo!

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