Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Frustration With Those Who Have All The Answers

I respond on many online chat places to questions or thoughts. One such is a center for women's thoughts and ideas (But there are a few great guys there too!) and we have a lot of back and forth over issues and what's going on in the country.

It's funny how so many do not see this economic mess as anything more than a classroom where we might exhibit what ideas we've all been taught over the years. An example would be the response over a question about what might be the gifts we can find in these times of trials.

There are way too many pie in the sky type of answers from people who have never suffered financially in their lives! "It's a growing time you will learn from," and other typical response can be hugely frustrating. Right now, many are suffering and are any of us reaching out? No, it's easier to go all philosophical, stay uninvolved and not look hard at what may shortly face you!

It can be really frustrating.

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