Sunday, July 12, 2009

Front Porch Discoveries

This afternoon we put our traveling chairs in the trunk and headed off to our weekly rendezvous with that front porch experience. After wandering around a small local village that really is a great place we decided that for a quiet view of the world it just was too busy to open our chairs and enjoy watching the world today. Luckily this lovely village has a sister just down the road. We drove off over a bridge and found among the Victorian buildings in Douglas this small coffee shop. Right beside this wonderful discovery was a small side patio in the shade of some of the more stately buildings so we sat down with our drinks. This village sits so close to the busy summer hub of Saugatuck and still holds a summer surprise - a wonderfully peaceful place to relax.

From between two buildings we could see the street and any passers-by and still enjoy a quiet cup as well as a soft breeze and a sky that was puffy with clouds. That sky was the focus of much of this afternoon as we styled back in our chairs. We sat there sipping our drinks and watching some small birds that periodically dipped down to the cement flagstones that made up the patio and then up to the trees. Thier wanderings through our porch were cause for much conversation today.

The view of the quiet street from our vantage point was one of a tiny river side communitythat looked like it had stepped right out of the past except for the constant buzz of passing cars of course. This sultry warm spot shared a gorgeous view where neighbors and tourists strolled quietly together. Our undiscovered Brigadoon seemed not to have been discovered, but many artists and galleries call the town home. It amazes me that people could miss a gem of a city center with such history and charm. But I suppose with so many places along the lakeshore it's easy to overlook some of these smaller venues.

Now for many the beach or shopping is the summer thing to do but for me a place to sit and watch the quiet beauty of small town life is just the right place to be on a Sunday afternoon.


  1. Nothing beats to be out and walk leisurely among beautiful scenes.I am glad it is the height of summer over there. Here, summer has ended.

  2. Good to hear from you! You're into one of my favorite least her it is - Fall!

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog page, and for your encouraging comments. I will be back again - I hope to learn more from you. Very much interested in trading in the "life of the desk" job.

    Best to you.


  4. I enjoy your makes me think and most of the time that's good!

  5. It's Sunday afternoon, and having just come in from people-watching out on the seawall, I found your "Front Porch Discoveries" absolutely charming! Nothing better for the soul than to pause and pay attention to the details we are so quick to hurry by in our busy lives. cgn

  6. Thanks Cindy!
    There is something to that old front porch that for a century was a place to watch the world go by on many evenings during the summers. We don't have time these days and are so overloaded and never see the calm that can come from the natural world...and the world of neighbors too!