Monday, July 27, 2009

Mediocracy, Not Multi-Tasking

Have you noticed that there are times when you write when it makes sense only to you, and when you go back to a post you really wonder what all those words actually mean and who actually put together on that page? (After all it wasn't you...was it?) As one who writes daily there are certainly times when I write and love what I put to paper, and then I go back go back to read it even after many editings only to discover that the first paragraph or sometimes the last is totally senseless!!

Does it mean that you can't write, or that you're a bit batty maybe? No, it probably means you had a great idea that happened when you were tired, or when your mind was trying to write one thought while contemplating another.

Is that normal? Yes, unfortunately it is. When we try to multi-task too often we end up adding that, "one more thing," to our daily plate and end up with a total mess. The productivity we so wish for often ends up with very little that is good copy (As with we who write know).

I am of a mind to suggest that those of us who believe we are multi-tasking are actually simply adding too much to our lives and as a result aren't doing very well at anything. We can juggle - the brain can do that, but by focusing on the many - we lose the depth that we need to do any task well, and in the end have nothing by mediocracy, and that is scary.


  1. Yes I agree with you.There's a saying :"Jack of all trades, master of none".I do that and end up wiping the whole thing which is frustrating. The best solution is to only write when you are compelled to and when there is time spent in processing thoughts.

  2. Interesting...but for those of us who have had to write for pay over the years that can prove to be a problem...thanks for the thought!

  3. I believe we feel we have a need to take things upon ourselves for social recognition and acceptance; and, we seem to be obsessed with how much and how well the Joneses are doing. Society seems to frown on those who don't want to get into the whole game.

  4. BudgetBride,
    You are so right! The whole thing of "multi-tasking" is a creation that can be used to make "us" look good.

    Whether created by the employer to get more work, or by the employee to look really good it is a false reality and seldom does it work to get anyone "into the game" or keep them there over the long haul!