Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Little Piece of My Heart

I wandered into my garden today. There were many weeds that have overtaken even some of the biggest and tallest of my flowering plants, so I spent the first part of the day weeding. There's something about the garden that can grab and hold your attention which in these days of economic crashes, and businesses collapsing is a true necessity.

Everyone should have an outlet or what I call a mad pile to work through their world's troubles. My own personal mad pile is my garden where I work out my world's frustrations during the summer months. It helps create a path back to the world and can make my life a more comfortable place to live in during tough times.

I'm looking forward to sharing some pictures of my little heaven here in my part of the Midwest in the next few months when we really need it!!!


  1. Yes I agree that the garden can be a source of outlet. After all it is symbolic. It is where' things blossom'. I would love for you to share your pictures for us to see.

  2. My garden has a big piece of my heart not just a little piece as Janis sang. It brings me peace and comfort.

  3. Me too, Iowa Gardening Woman, me too!