Monday, January 18, 2010

My Muse

January is a season unto itself and I love the snow and cold swirls and moves with the winds that frequent our spot along the Lakeshore here in West Michigan. This year has proved not to be as cold or as snowy as many previous years which is good for many...but bad for me. My muse usually comes with the falling snow and the storms that continually buffet our part of the world and make it look and feel like another planet here in the depths of winter.

For me the most productive time of the year as a writer has been one that often kept me in seclusion and clothed the world in a deep quiet which was something unheard of on the street where I live. So I am writing and tossing almost everything these days. Nothing seems to make sense or come together very well at present. I will get through it since I am writing even though not much is getting beyond the first drafts but I am continuing the effort.

For those of us who no longer write for a newspaper and aren't in the throws of book, getting one piece of writing out every month or so is a pretty, "good thing," as Martha is wont to say. I hope to have a new article on my main site (Writing and Beyond) by the end of the week at least and that feels pretty darn good!


  1. I can empathize with you in regards to writing and tossing what you write. It took several attempts before I collected my thoughts on paper to write details about our first two days of travel to Florida. I was feeling cheated that we returned so soon from our vacation. I had to eradicate those thoughts before the words began spilling on the page. That's the first time since I started writing my blog that I felt like giving up on it.

  2. Ah, yes - writing struggles - starting a sentence and not being able to finish it - the finished sentences aren't so great,anyway - ideas vapourize. Good that you are keeping on.

    At least you know you have company!

  3. Winter without snow is sort of sad. And I agree, it's fun to be snowed in, physically and mentally. Still many weeks to go so hopefully it will make a turn to the whiter ...

  4. Linda,
    We had so much snow after Christmas and this January has been pretty warm with (If they are to be believed) our weather people saying we'll get some snow later in the week...along with freezing rain and turning totally to rain afterward. Frustrating! :-)

    I love to write - except when it doesn't come! Even if it does these days the ideas do exactly what you said, they vaporize. This will pass since i continue to write if only to record the days and my reactions to them. I don't totally freeze since I can get something out but the creative juices are going to need a little boost that's for sure!

    You're right. It is only January and we have February and at least the first part of March before winter will be moving on out into another season. I will simply have to be patient I guess.

  5. I think writing keeps us sane. And I like your title. For me having a muse is a wonderful thing.We don't get inspired too often but when it happens, it reates a speial feeling for you and for other people.