Thursday, January 21, 2010


Tonight, I imagine soft, quiet snow swirling

near the stoop of my back door.

falling softly and caught by a wisp of air

that dances 'round my window

where Jack Frost has left his mark

in child-like fingerprints that slide and dance

around the edges of the pane.

In my mind I envision who might dare to brave this frigid place

they might enter through a veil of icy lace that now robes

the edges of this world I see.

Oh, for those quiet, cold moments where the world isn't,
and I am.


  1. Very Frostesque, as in Robert. You invoke the imagery of both "A walk in the woods on a snow eve" and "The road less taken." I've contemplated the same looking out a snow bound window (many years ago). I was up in snow three years ago in Montana, though.

  2. Thank you. I tend to write more of a prose poetry - can't seem to get the form quite right. Since I can't have the snow right now, I at least can imagine it!

  3. I can close my eyes and imagine your snowy evening from the verse you wrote. I open my eyes and see, outside my window, snow falling gently from the sky. It isn't much snow, so don't get jealous ;-)

  4. Nice evocative images that make me feel that space.