Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Week's Beginning

This week began with one of my dogs needing to have surgery to remove a lump on his spine. It was a bit of a scary day for us while we waited to see how he came through and if it was a simple cyst, or small tumor. The nasty thing has been growing on our little Mac's back along the spine for about two months and our vet has been keeping an eye on our little guy.

We finally decided the bump had to come out and I had our youngest pup in to the vet's office for surgery early this morning and we had to wait until noon to find out that he was okay and that the rather large lump was a huge cyst and not a tumor.

Since we have three dogs in our home at present we have to keep them from getting at the four inch wound that is free of any fur at the moment, so Mac is running around in a small kid's t-shirt which is proving to be a bit much for him to deal with today. He looks so strange in it too!

The Mac also has been confined to the house and cannot be out in our dog's run for 14 whole days and for our Mr. Hyper-active that will probably prove to be the most difficult part of this whole surgery thing when he starts to feel better in a day or two. I must admit he already is just a bit frustrated because only an hour after we brought him home when the other two were outside howling at all things that moves he has been whining at the back door and and barking along with them each time he hears them. He is more than a bit cranky!

Charlie and I have come to the conclusions that we have fuzzy 3 year olds here since that's what they act like most of the time. (My kids may be grown, but we seem to have replaced them with my little fury friends!) It sure is fun to have kids again!


  1. I'm glad that it was a cyst, not a tumor, on Mac's back. Mac looks cute in that t-shirt. I can only imagine the noise level inside your house when Mac wants out and the other dogs are howling outside. The word "howling" just made me remember something. Our neighbors have two large dogs. Whenever the fire whistle goes off those two dogs make quite a racket with their howling. I understand that the whistle hurts their ears. It is funny to hear them howl; however, I wish the noise didn't hurt their ears.

  2. Poor puppy. I'm glad he's okay now. We have three cats and you are exactly right about furry children.

  3. I hope little Mac gets well soon.I wish I am in your household with all the fun that's going on.

  4. It's worrisome when pets get sick. One feels so helpless. Sounds like you have a good vet and he did a good job. Say hello to Mac for me-he's really cute.

  5. I've heard that before about pets. That's probably what makes them the best friends. And sounds like the recovery is going well.

  6. Linda,
    We're thankful that our Mac is okay. He's really loving all the attention since the surgery!

    I feel badly for your neighbor's dogs! Dog's hearing is so sensitive!

    Our two are my buddies in almost everything. We adopted them from the Humane Society and they both love to walk and love sitting and watching me garden!

    Our house is a busy place with three dogs! Two are ours and the third is my son who had to move back with us for financial reasons. We're in a small place but are really enjoying each others company - Even the dogs get along!

  7. nothingprofound,
    We are so thankful for our vet who use to be a large animal vet but now is mostly a small animal one. My three canines like him too, which isn't always the case.

    Mac isn't quite sure why he's getting all this attention, but he likes it!

    I have been an animal person all my life. I love my dogs because they walk with me and really seem to be the happiest and most trusting of God's creatures!

  8. Glad to know that Mac is better now; quite a stressful time it must have been for you.

  9. Best of luck with the healing and keeping things calm until your dog is better.

    Dorothy from grammology

  10. Sorry about my dishing Florida tourists, Ciss. The truth of the matter is that I sort of include myself in that bunch. I'm a Maryland native, and proudly so.

  11. Meam,
    Great to hear from you! Mac is doing better and coming back to himself, though he has lost some weight. He is mostly quiet which I am thankful for these days.

    Bless you! My Mac has been my focus a lot lately and it is good to know that he is okay.

    I know you weren't dissing we tourists. Thank you for stopping by again, too. The bad thing about the written word online here is that you can't see the tease, or the twinkle in someone's eyes.

  12. So glad Mac is OK and it was a cyst and not something more serious.