Tuesday, June 29, 2010

One Thing After Another...

First, we lost our computer to a lightening strike on May 31st, and now the new(er) computer we bought to replace it has had major problems!  I have not been online in so long.  I picked it up today after over four days in the shop for repairs.

Definitely an UGH! moment or two over this new computer!

After days of writing on a legal pad I will try to type it all in and am hoping to get something new up here in the next week or two so thanks for everyone's patience!

(Thought you might like a pic from my garden this year!)


  1. That is a pretty flower, Ciss. I'm sorry that you are having computer problems. Hopefully the work that was done on the new computer will be the ticket to a long and happy working relationship.

  2. Thanks, Linda. Each day I find something that didn't make it and get frustrated all over again.

    But I am thankful that I at least have this computer!

  3. Now I am the one with computer problems. MY screen is having an eathquake. I love that photo!

  4. Thanks, Bax. I thought I needed to celebrate something when the computer went belly up!

    Hope your computer gets better really soon! I know how frustrating the thing can be, and what it's like without it!