Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Where Has All the Kindness Gone...

I am reissuing this blog because I believe it hits the mark for what we need to remember as Americans, and citizens of the world too.  Pass the kindness on!

A play on an old song is such a valid question these days in our terribly hurried society.  We no longer are taught to value the fellow travelers on our journey, it almost seems like it's okay to devalue, or worse still to be cruel or rude to someone who slows us in our own personal race.

This rant comes along side of one that I read today from a blogger friend that bemoaned the fact that people are often threatening, or cruel to people with disabilities.  It's sad, but our society seems to value more what we see as the whole and perfect as apposed to those who might have a physical attribute that slows their pace, or frustrates the mind and blocks our general rush through life.

How have we so quickly forgotten the gifts given to the world by Professor Stephen W. Hawking, or Helen Keller?  Where is our awe for people who have the gifts of a Christoper Reeves, or Christy Brown (The Academy Award winning film My Left Foot profiled his life.)? 

In spite of the constant examples daily of those who continue to contribute so much to our lives through science, music, and the world of words I see such a loss of respect for those who might move more slowly either mentally or physically than those considered normal.  I often wonder where that term comes from - normal.  Because some of the most normal or the kindest souls I know are those who are labeled learning disabled, and some of those who help the hardest in any kind of disaster are those who are often handicapped with emotional burdens. 

I wonder when we'll learn that we all are disabled in one way or another - we are simply able to hide that fact from a world that devalues those who aren't considered perfect....


  1. Thanks ChrisJ. For reminding me, and all of us that we all need to remember to be kind.

  2. I'm glad you branched out with this. There are so many talented people with disabilities, and you're so right - we are all disabled in some way.

  3. I treat all people the same, unless they have a bad attitude. But yeah, you reap what you sow, so be nice topeople. I like the bumper sticker, :Mean People Suck." Its so true.

    Stephen Tremp

  4. The world can be cruel to people with disabilities. It would be helpful if people recalled quotes such as "you reap what you sow" and "do unto others as you would have others do unto you".

  5. I think we are more unkind to everyone in general, celebrities under the microscope of the media for example and those with opinions in places of power teach us it's okay to judge and be unkind.

    Who are we to cast stones?

  6. This should be a public service announcement; We all are flawed and have disabilities. I know talented, smart people that can't communicate well or tend to see things one sided.

    Great reminder; we have always struggled as a society to be open to different. I do agree, it seems like
    there is a shift; we are more mean!

  7. How true! I was reminded with the Granny O' Grimm video I posted from YouTube. I think Granny is the real hero of the story. It is terrible to be unkind to people simply because they don't fit the standard the the society looks up to. And how cruel people can be with words. Being raised by a guardian who experienced life in the second world war(she's born in 1929) I get to appreciate kindness more...and the 'old' values which i think are more true than what society holds today.

  8. ChrisJ,
    Your essay on what you experienced really hit home with me. Thank you for reminding me to be more careful with all around me.

    That bumper sticker says it all.

    I think that we have not taught those kind of lessons in so long. We have been chasing the dollar far too long.

    I hate to admit it, but you're right. We aren't teaching our children that people, all people are more important than money, or being late.

    Yes, I agree. And that PSA should be on constantly! But would it change things? I'm afraid we've created a meaner society by focusing on the money and making life better that way and not on reaching out to people and caring.

    I love Granny O'Grimm! We have to stop being the bully to get ahead. We all need to find value in each other some how.

  9. I'm just happy to be back in the US. It's great just being able to communicate easily with everyone. Florida never looked so good!

  10. Hey, Robert,
    Glad to have you back! See if you would have gone to an English speaking nation like England you wouldn't have had the language problem! ;-)

  11. Great post. I have a grand son with special needs..I took him to the supermarket and a woman came up to us and screwed up her face and said "What's wrong with him"? My first impulse was to punch her screwed up face..but the dignified woman I am answered "Nothing is wrong with him; what is wrong with you"? I smiled at her and walked away.
    God does not mess up. He sent Kyle to us because my daughter is the perfect mother for him. He has been a blessing to our family from day 1.

    1. Love your response to the woman!! This may be a late response, but I want you to know I really appreciate your story. Standing up for those who are different in ANY way is what we are suppose to do and the way we are to be in our world. Bless you!

  12. Awesome, great reminder! And wow, Helen Keller. She was not only an inspiration just from what she overcame, but her insights were so amazing! Thanks for the reminder, Ciss! :o) <3

    1. Leigh,
      Thank you so much for coming by! I am working on some more on kindness too since this is my personal passion for many reasons. :-)