Sunday, July 22, 2012

Randoms Acts - The Important Part of Life

This is so worth the read.  The random act of kindness is alive and well!  Is it for you?


  1. How can you argue with random acts of kindness? I'm even in favor of specific acts of kindness. (Love your "Irish truth" at the top of your blog, but then again, as you know from my blog I love most things of Irish origin, starting with my wife!)

  2. You certainly cannot argue with kindness! And like you I am passionate about any kind of caring that translates into helping others. Oh, and I love to surprise people with specific acts, too.

    That Irish truth at the top of my page is something I'm personally working on! :-)

    Being a past English teacher I am great at editing others writings, but am still working on the wordiness in my own. But I think kindness is a truth we all need to take to heart. (Oh, and I am a passionate Irish descendant so I understand your love of all things Irish. My best to your wife Karen!)

  3. A lot of people think that kindness is as rare as hens' teeth these days, but I think you have to train yourself to see it and be open to receiving it when it comes your way. It's funny but we heard a sermon about this subject just this morning: II Samuel 10.

  4. I agree, walk2write. But in such a cynical world we all have to work to keep it going, each and every one of us must remember that and today there are many who don't in their lives.