Monday, June 13, 2011

The Attack of The Killer Fleas!

Flea infestations can be nasty.  Especially since I get bit and react to them all the time!  We've been through all the natural ways (Baking soda, salt, Borax, and so many other thing!) over the past few weeks, which sadly did very little for killing the nasty critters in the house, but I do find that I get a little respite if I rub down with baking soda!  LOL!

I treat my dogs with stuff from the vat and always have.  But I'm outside more in this weather as they are and I'm sure I'm bringing many in myself.  Funny thing is this seems to happens about every five years and it take 2 months to totally rid the house, and me, of these dread invaders!  

Because of the last infestation five years ago we got rid of the wall to wall carpeting.  We now have only small patches of indoor/outdoor stuff which gives the dreaded fleas no real place to hide - according to the experts that is.

All that's left to us are the nasty treatments, and they are getting all too desirable at the moment.  I did the bomb the rooms affected last night, and it did make it somewhat better.  But I seem to be constantly vacuuming these days to get a bit of a respite.  We're now dealing with the hatching (and re-hatching!) out of all the millions of eggs. Hopefully once that is over we'll be free again.

I've bought a LARGE can of Deep Woods Off and flea stuff for walls and furniture as well.  Now, I'm hunkering down and am ready for the long fight, over how many weeks it will take!

 We will win!!  LOL!  ....I HATE fleas!


  1. We had some trouble with fleas at the beach, only they weren't actually fleas but probably sand crab larvae. And actually, they are not crabs.

  2. I hate fleas too .. so far we haven't seen (or felt) any. I hope that our luck holds out. Even though Patches is an indoor cat we do treat her for fleas. I hope that you get rid of your fleas soon!

  3. Hi Robert! Just finished vacuuming - Again! (Bet my house in cleaner than anyone's right now.) Yeah, I remember those pesky beast s at the VA shore too...though not as many as in the warmer areas in Florida.

    This wouldn't so badly if I wasn't so allergic to the little buggers as I am. Dang.

  4. Linda, thanks for the good wishes. I hope you don't get them either!! Keep treating because each of us can bring in the nasty things!

  5. Have you tried Revolution? The vet we used to go to started our cat on it last year, and it has worked very well. It's a once a month treatment. I suppose it's available for dogs too.

    I hope the nasty things (fleas) leave you alone soon.

  6. We use it, but the whole thing seems to have to do with me being so reactive to them and the fact that this attack seems to only happen about every five years which honestly makes me wonder if we're carrying them in, and that I am more susceptible for some reason. Thankfully it's not often! But I admit I wish I knew why it happened, but I've had it checked with traps and it is definitely fleas...

  7. We are fairly lucky so far north; the cold winters keep the flea population down. That said, we did have a cat flea problem once, and I hear you about vacuuming again. I vacuumed, washed everything that could have come into contact with them (which turns out to be just about everything in the house!).

  8. ChrisJ,
    Oh how I'm becoming sick of vacuuming! Finally rolled up my rugs and am going to clean them with Borax as that works and is safer than so much of the stuff on the market these days. It takes a while but is the only way I know to get rid of them.

  9. Fleas should flee. Does calamine help the itch?