Friday, June 17, 2011

Those Cool Summer Breezes

Today was a lovely day.  Low humidity and soft breezes.  That's what June use to be in the upper Midwest when I was a child.  Now, these days are rare and we usually experience the high humidities and heat indices that are the sign of my children's June weather experiences.

During the late fifties and early sixties June use to mean temperatures in the seventies and low eighties with low humidities and lovely cool nights.  Evenings for heading off to the beach with friends and building bonfires to keep warm!  The hot days of summer were restricted to those days at the end of July and August and were actually very few in number.  Each year we'd only get maybe one or two ninety degree days, now they are becoming more and more a common an occurrence every summer that passes.

For me, the mystery and joys that filled those early summer days came from the cool days for wandering down by the creek and catching cray fish, or enjoying the thick black muck areas that often held  the best surprise of those days, the many lady slippers that were spattered across the much and moss like a painter's brush drippings on that field of browns and greens.

I miss those cooler times as the heat increases with each passing day.  But that's summer, I guess.


  1. I can't believe that the July 4th holiday is upon us. This year is moving by so quickly. Early Spring it seemed Winter didn't want to loosen its grip on us. We're just starting to enjoy Spring, and it will be gone almost in the snap of a finger. I hope we have a hot and dry summer, at least for a few weeks. I look forward to Autumn but not before its time!

  2. Hot and dry would be fabulous for the summer! But we're starting out very humid and sticky here. Darn!

  3. I remember one summer when I was about eleven when the temperature soared into the high eighties and the local newspaper ran stories about city bank workers wearing shorts to work!

    How times have changed - both regarding the weather and that shorts are newsworthy!!