Thursday, June 2, 2011

A City's Rebellion Against the National Media!

Today, on the way home from Grand Rapids, the big city I live about 30 miles from I heard this crazy NPR story - on of all things the City of Grand Rapids or Gr as many of us call it.  If you haven't heard the story about how Newsweek (yeah, the magazine!) quoted another source and said it was dying and it riled the city every so slightly so they decided to let the world know that we had talent, and fun too!

In the video are all kinds of local celebrities as well as man pain folks too!  So check out the video Roger Ebert says is, "the greatest music video ever made!"  ENJOY!

Lip Dub to "Bye Bye Miss American Pie," by Don McLean


  1. Doesn't surprise me: those magasins are terrible. An old colleague told me that every story you read in the newspaper, if you know the material well, you're bound to see all sorts of errors. That being the case, he'd use it to rationalize his belief that "see, they always lie." Probably not always the case, but I see his point, partly.

  2. Thanks for checking this out! Did you check out the link to the Lip Dub?