Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Colors of Fall

The blue sky is that amazing, intense, fall blue today and the air holds that promise of the season that leads into the end of summer's hold on our area. Much as summer is nice, fall is really my time of the year. Today, I'm sitting here at my computer watching the leaves of yellow and orange stroll with the wind and back and forth like a painted dancer across the sky. I need to put together a few pictures with my camera of this time so I don't lose that color before the white glare of winter takes it over.

Winter, though lovely in it's own way is like the drainer of all things colorful. It freezes out that multi-layered coat of color that fall dresses in after summer. It's like a change of dresses for a model that marches and sways down a runway for the most exquisite fashion show we will see this year.

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