Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Life Is in the Dance You Choose!

I've been listening to some of my Celtic and Canadian music lately and they tend to focus on the words, as well as the music. Since I'm a wordsmith, I tend to listen to how the two compliment each other and how they apply to life. Tonight I'm pigging out on The Elders, Gaelic Storm and a little known singer Aselin Debison - a little girl with a unique voice from Cape Breten, Nova Scotia (New Scotland for those of you who might not know!).

Some of the songs are simply silly and fun to listen, dance, and work to but one song tonight has hit home for me. It is a lovely dance number, but the words really go far deeper. I have often thought that my life was out of control as if I had no command over what happened, but my choices both small and large make that life whether I see it immediately or sometime in the future. It took a while for that sight to come through the crazy life I was wound up in and I needed change! I had to make a choice, actually many of them. I have finally found a peace with who I am and what I stand for in this small life.

So life is truly found "in the dance you choose!" It isn't easy - but it is worth it every single day.

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