Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fall Excursions Into the Day

Saturday is past, again. Life in the fall here in Michigan is slowing down and the cooler evenings have a way of making you want to snuggle up with a warm sweater and something hot to drink. Coffee isn't a drink for the evening very often, but hot cinnamon cider often is!

Today, my husband and I put away the patio furniture which means that summer is truly over. We've had quite a bit of frost lately so much of what was my garden has shriveled and died away, but the birds don't seem mind as they dive and sway on the dead stems of the black eyed Susans and sunflowers. It's still lovely to sip a cup of coffee nearby, but I sure don't spend too much time outside because mornings are more than a bit cold!!!

But the birds are fun to watch since they are all flocking and seem to have such fun in their dipping and diving all over the yard. I like to be outside to enjoy the cool days and views from my windows as well.

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