Saturday, May 30, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are

It's cool again, and the weather has that touch of early spring. (I love working in the garden without breaking a sweat!) I'm carefully getting back to some of the yard chores and loving it! The garden looks wonderful because we've had so much rain lately and everything is so green. Our summers are usually quite dry, so I am thankful for the cool, wet springs.

I have two pair of nesting wood peckers in one of the backyard trees this year. One is a red bellied and the other a downy...they are lovely to listen to calling to their fellow birds in the morning. I also have a little flying squirrel that if I can bare the mosquitoes in the early evening they are there for all to see eating the suet I put out for the birds. I easily get frustrated with the big fat squirrels around here, but these gentle gliders are a joy to watch.

With the busy street out front you wouldn't think that we could have so much wild life, but we do! From swallows to bats, from 'coons to possum we have it all! We even have three different kinds of owls and two types of raptors! (I lost a morning dove today to one - nothing left but the feather all over by the feeders!)

My very favorite bird here is our large bard owl who swoops through the yard looks for a tasty morsel many evenings during the week. I'm a late night dishwasher and get to observe these critters that fly or traverse our yard at night.

The summer brings out so many others creatures that make our yard a way station for food or water. From humming birds and occasional Great Blue Heron (Looks like a Pterodactyl when they are flying!) to that huge tom turkey that feeds upside down on our bird feeder we get to enjoy all the wild has to offer.

I've always wanted to move out and away from this busy area we live in but if we must live here, at least I have the joy of enjoying the wild things right in my own backyard!

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